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Kapil Sibal defends Anil Ambani in court, in Rcomm-Ericsson case.
The apex court while hearing petitions seeking a probe into the deal, said there was no occasion to doubt the decision-making process in the procurement of the 36 Rafale fighter aircraft on the basis of the perception of individuals.
Dassault CEO Eric Trappier rubbished Rahul Gandhi's claims and said that in his position as a CEO, he does not need to lie.
The court has asked the AAP leader to provide a written submission on 20 October
HAL had issued a circular to its employees yesterday mentioning the employees' code of conduct against attending political events.
Dassault Aviation clarifies, offset is mandatory, not Reliance as a partner
France had earlier confirmed the existence of a secrecy clause in the Rafale deal.
Earlier, too, the page had shared unverifiable information which was widely shared by Congress and AAP leaders
Over the past few months, the Rafale deal has transformed into a political slug-fest.
Dassault has officially stated that partnership with Reliance Defence was its own choice and it is presently negotiating with a hundred more companies for investments in India.
Not to put down achievements of HAL, but perhaps it was not ready for Rafale.
Nothing seems to waiver Congress and its President Rahul Gandhi's impulsion of downplaying BJP
Ambani said that he was personally saddened by the allegations hurled by Rahul Gandhi
The AAP MP held a press briefing on 13 February and called the Rafael Deal a deal of scams

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