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Religious Freedom

Opindia’s prophecy comes true as French leftist media unleash anti-India propaganda, vitriol against PM Modi during his visit to Paris

As PM Modi inks deals with the French government, the leftist ecosystem continues to whine and repeat their same old lies about India.

Taslim Ahmed Rehmani, who mocked Hindu beliefs, seeks time from US politician to discuss ‘religious freedom’

Taslim Ahmed Rehmani has sought time to meet US politician who is in India to discuss religious freedom and democracy. Rehmani and his comments on Lord Shiva were the reason Nupur Sharma got agitated during the news debate.

US State Dept criticises India on religious freedom using dubious data fed by Christian evangelists and radical Islamist groups. Read Details

The Christian evangelist organisations, which fed their data to the US State Department, also misled people by counting cases of child sexual abuse by pastors as atrocities on the community.

West Bengal: A cop tells Hindus to remove Lord Ram idol from a private property because it is visible from road, BJP slams TMC...

A video has emerged showing a West Bengal police asking some Hindus to remove a Lord Ram idol because it is visible from the road

Sikh recruits can keep their turbans and beards throughout Marine Corps Boot Camp: US Federal Court

According to the United States Court of Appeals in Washington, the plaintiffs were enduring severe, immediate, and ongoing damage to the exercise of their faith as a result of the restriction. 

US govt agency USCIRF uses Tek Fog to allege a lack of religious freedom in India, a month after the fake story was withdrawn...

USCIRF under US govt publishes a report on Religious Freedom Conditions in India mentioning Tek Fog after it was withdrawn by Wire

Rana Ayyub gets slammed by Muslim users on Twitter for trying to hint that hijab is not compulsory in Islam

Given that Rana Ayyub garnered support through her endorsement of hijab in Karnataka schools, her stance in the context of women's right to choice in Iran did not sit well with Islamists.

India accuses US of playing vote bank politics in international relations with its International Religious Freedom report

MEA said that US govt is indulging in vote bank politics in international relations with Religious Freedom report

Chhattisgarh: Muslim man fills urine in a plastic bag, throws it at Hindu women observing Vat Savitri Puja, protests at Jashpurnagar

Speaking to OpIndia, the Jashpurnagar police have informed that the culprit has been arrested and sent to custody under charges as per IPC sections 295, 295A, 153A and 505(2).

As elements from the USA pontificate to India, American Islamist body CAIR says discrimination against Muslims in the USA increased by 9%

In a recently released report titled "Still Suspect: The Impact of Structural Islamophobia", the controversial Islamist body Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has said that there has been a rise in discrimination against Muslims living in the United States.

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