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The Japanese tennis player was apologising to the crowd for winning and playing a great match.
He has scored just 113 runs in 8 innings, but KL Rahul may still be picked up for the final test against England.
A concise summary of how India performed at the Asian Games 2018, hosted at Jakarta in Indonesia.
The report says while pollution levels are still dangerously high, governments are taking measures to curb it.
Reports have alleged discrepancies in the call records of the victim
The former NDTV journalist said this while interacting with students at TISS, Mumbai.
The former NDTV journalist defended her going public with censorship within the organization
Marathi journalist Nikhil Wagle had claimed that his TV show was stopped under 'political pressure'
Paika Rebellion of Odisha is a story of gallantry, courage and patriotism exactly two hundred years ago.
The Indian mainstream media has been notorious for twisting facts and pushing an agenda
The BJP president has charted the party’s Mission Odisha during his three-day-long tour to the eastern state.
The AAP leading propaganda news portal has violated a rule that attracts up to 6 months of imprisonment.
Even though the evidence was there on video, a Scroll reporter was hell bent on proving what he imagined.
Malini Parthasarathy, former editor of The Hindu, has said that the case against NDTV is not about press freedom.
Shashi Tharoor had filed a defamation case against Arnab and Republic TV on 26th May
Phones of MLAs, MPs of the ruling BJD and some journalists are being tapped, an Odia daily has reported.
Mamata Banerjee appears to be in utter panic. The two recent developments have proved so.
Some journalists and Congress supporters came together against suspension of a hateful Twitter account.
BJP president Amit Shah has charted the party’s Mission Bengal during his three-day tour to the state.
The legal notice warns of civil and criminal proceedings including seeking monetary damages from Arnab Goswami and others.
Comments of a judge were creatively interpreted to report something else.
Yet another demonetisation scare spread by irresponsible media busted.
If you skimmed media reports, you’d think that terrorists have huge cache of new currency notes.
Huffington Post India wrote a highly misleading article linking deaths to demonetisation drive.
Revealed: The content on NDTV India which violated norms
David has just struck the first blow on the Goliath media
Students fear that their careers are at risk due to excessive political and media focus on their school.
Has Barkha Dutt left or been removed from a company she founded with Shekhar Gupta?
There were incidents of communal violence in West Bengal, but media choose to black out the news.

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