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How Reuters downplayed the brutal lynching and burning of Sri Lankan man in Pakistan over ‘blasphemy’ rumours

Reuters, that covered the news of murder in Pakistan over blasphemy rumours, attempted to whitewash the brutal lynching with its headline.

Coal crisis: How global media is attacking India to reduce China’s embarrassment

But the blackouts haven’t happened yet. We are on thin ice, but we are getting by. You cannot deny that.

Huawei, the company close to the Chinese govt, sponsors Reuters article praising Kerala for COVID-19 management even as cases soar

The pro-Kerala propaganda article is written by Reuters correspondent Krishna N Das attempting to give a clean chit to the Kerala government for Covid management while the state remains India's worst affected.

Danish Siddiqui was identified as an Indian by Taliban, dragged out of a mosque, beaten and executed, body mutilated: Read details

Danish Siddiqui's brutal murder has been whitewashed by the mainstream media and US State Department. He was beaten, riddled with bullets and his body was mutilated by Taliban after they confirmed his identity as an Indian journalist working for Reuters.

When death is not a leveler: Why did we forget the murder of cameraperson Achyutananda Sahu by liberal terrorists in Chhattisgarh?

Nobody wanted to talk about DD cameraperson Achyutanands Sahu's hopes and dreams and the lives of those he touched. Nobody even cared to send hazaar lanaatein (thousand curses) to the bullet that killed him.

After the Taliban killed Indian photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, pictures of his family being sold on Getty for Rs 23,000 each

Incidentally, Getty Images had hosted pictures of funeral pyres of Covid victims in India at the same price as that of the relatives of Danish Siddiqui

Journalist asks people to not circulate photo of dead reporter, after sharing photos of funeral pyres he clicked, netizens call her hypocrite

Reuters photojournalist Danish Siddiqui was killed by the Taliban during clashes at Spin Boldak district in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Reuters photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, who received international praise for Covid funeral pyre pics, killed by Taliban in Afghanistan

Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui, who has been reporting from Afghanistan the past few days, has been killed by the Taliban.

BJP worker quoted by Reuters as ‘dissident against Modi’ says he has full faith in the Prime Minister

Reuters published report suggesting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing dissent within BJP after the COVID scourge in India

Feasting on the dead: Reuters’ morbid obsession with watching Hindus burn amid the rising COVID-19 pandemic

One photograph that we saw splashed all over social media was one that had an aerial view of a burning ghat in India by Reuters

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