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Gujarat: Rickshaw driver who hosted Arvind Kejriwal for dinner attends PM Modi’s rally, says he is a BJP voter and a Modi fan

Vikram Dantani, an auto rickshaw driver, had earlier this month hosted Arvind Kejriwal for dinner.

Delhi: One Firoz Khan arrested after he stabbed his ‘friend’ Munna to death for refusing to give an extra roti

Firoz Khan kills Munna in Karola Bagh in Delhi after the latter refused to give him another roti

Lucknow: SP MLA’s armed guard brutally beats a rickshaw puller, leaves him bleeding on the road, video goes viral

Samajwadi Party MLA's armed security guard allegedly hit the rickshaw puller mercilessly with a hockey stick in Lucknow's Hazratganj area after his rickshaw accidentally collided with the MLAs car.

COVID-19 Lockdown: How IIT-D students’ initiative to help on-campus rickshaw-pullers inspired the Institute to set up the ‘Benevolent Fund’

IIT-D students pooled in money and disbursed Rs 7000 each to 17 rickshaw-pullers on the campus amidst the coronavirus lockdown. This initiative eventually led the administration to establish a fund to help the underprivileged who depend upon the IIT for their livelihoods.

PM Modi sends letter to Rickshaw puller in UP with warm wishes who had invited him to daughter’s wedding

PM Modi sends warm wishes to the rickshaw puller who invited him to his daughter's wedding.

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