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India and Oman exploring Rupee trade between the two countries, utilising UPI stack in Oman’s digital economy: Foreign Secretary

Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatrasaid that discussions are underway between India and Oman on utilising UPI stack, and Rupee trade between the 2 countries

Banks in 22 countries including Russia, UK, Germany, Israel open special Vostro accounts in Indian banks to trade in Indian Rupee

Banks from 22 countries have opened special Rupee vostro accounts in Indian banks in order to trade in local currency

Nirmala Sitharaman said it’s not rupee sliding but dollar strengthening: Here’s what she meant and how she is right

Indian Finance Min Nirmala Sitharaman said that rupee is not sliding but the US dollar is strengthening. And she is right.

Far-left and Congress trolls display ignorance while targeting PM Modi, misinterpret data to claim Rupee weakening against Bangladeshi Taka

As the value of 1 Rupee is equal to 1.16 Bangladeshi Taka, trolls assumed Rupee is weak against Taka and targeted PM Modi

Fact check: No, Indian Rupee didn’t lose against Bangladeshi Taka

The Indian currency INR is stronger than the Bangladeshi Taka

Rupee continues to strengthen on expectations that Modi is going to form the government again

The month of March has witnessed the most robust Rupee performance since 2nd January 2019.

Facts, No Fiction: What the rupee does (not) tell us

Rupee does not signal the health of the Indian Economy, however, it is an important indicator as far as the external sector is concerned.

Rupee rises 21 paise against US Dollar, touching a three-month high

The Rupee rose by 21 paise to 69.64 against the US Dollar.

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