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Saket Gokhale

TMC MP Saket Gokhale lies about “zero mention” of housing scheme for poor in the BJP manifesto: Here’s the truth

While Saket Gokhale accused PM Modi of underestimating the intelligence of an average Indian and bluffing, Gokhale has a history of peddling lies and distorting facts to suit his narrative.

‘You distorted news to suit your narrative’: Mumbai Police debunks Saket Gokhale over misleading claims made against ED

Mumbai Police on Wednesday debunked Saket Gokhale's tweet insinuating that ED was extorting money using gangs.

‘Saket Gokhale spreading vicious lies with obvious malafide intent’: Union Minister Piyush Goyal slams the TMC MP for narrating fictitious conversation over suspension of...

Minister Piyush Goyal accuses TMC MP Saket Gokhale of spreading fake news regarding 'conversation' over suspension of MPs

As TMC protests to hide their own MNREGA corruption, Saket Gokhale’s video being pushed by Delhi police surfaces: Here is what the police say

A man in the background could be heard saying, "Dhakka kesa diya (How dare you push me)." It is unclear whether the voice heard in the video was that of Saket Gokhale.

Saket Gokhale asks for details on Urban Naxals: Here’s how he should inquire about it to TMC ally and INDI alliance partner Congress

The UPA govt in an affidavit filed in November 2013 said that urban Naxals come to control “mass organisations” organically linked to Maoists under the cover of human rights.

‘Expenses made towards permanent asset creation’: Govt debunks Saket Gokhale and others claiming it spent 300 per cent more on G20 than allocated funds

Several online trolls and opposition leaders spread fake news that the Centre spent 300 per cent more on G20 than allocated funds.

TMC MP Saket Gokhale shares fake news that govt is buying 50 bulletproof Audis costing over Rs 400 crore, gets fact-checked by PIB

TMC MP Saket Gokhale shares fake news by DNA claiming that govt is buying 50 bullet proof Audi cars for the G20 summit

Rajya Sabha polls: TMC nominates 6 leaders for the Upper House, including serial fake news peddler Saket Gokhale who was also accused of misusing...

The six persons nominated for the Rajya Sabha seats prominently include RTI 'activist', Congress loyalist-turned-TMC member Saket Gokhale who had come under public scrutiny for misappropriation of funds that he collected from Modi haters.

TMC’s Saket Gokhale spreads fake news by claiming that MQ-9B drone deal is overpriced, ‘challenges’ govt to say reports are wrong hours after govt...

PIBFactCheck calls out TMC Spokesperson Saket Gokhale for spreading misleading information on MQ9B drones purchase.

Saket Gokhale does it again, misleads the public about the newly introduced 20% TCS on credit cards

Press Investigation Bureau (PIB) took to social media to debunk the outrageous claims made by Saket Gokhale

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