Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Saket Gokhale

Serial petitioner Saket Gokhale approaches Allahabad HC against Yogi Adityanath based on misleading media reports. Read Details

Saket Gokhale alleges that UP CM has ordered criminal cases against social media posts calling for oxygen and other medical helps

An article by OpIndia columnist Abhishek Banerjee got Congress sympathisers to lose their minds: Here’s what it said

OpIndia columnist Abhishek Banerjee is the new target of Congress trolls and 'journalists'.

Low IQ supporters proudly display their low IQ while attacking OpIndia: Here’s how

Congress supporters like Nikhil Alva and Saket Gokhale today shared a Whatsapp forward by a random person to attack OpIndia

Vaccinating billions needs a robust global supply chain of raw materials. Read how a US embargo creates multi-fold problems

Over 9,000 materials from 300 suppliers from 30 nations are sourced by vaccine manufacturers to manufacture vaccines.

Maharashtra FDA minister embarrasses his own govt and alliance leaders, says his ministry had approved Remdesivir procurement by BJP

Maharashtra FDA Minister and NCP leader Dr. Rajendra Shingne confirms that he was aware about BJP procuring Remdesivir for state govt

Maharashtra Remdesivir ruckus: Saket Gokhale brazens his lies by filing complaint against Fadnavis, BJP returns favour. Details

A complaint has been filed against Saket Gokhale by a BJP member in which the complainant has accused the Congress supporter of lying and waging a war against the state in the midst of a pandemic

Congress supporter Saket Gokhale spreads lies to defend Maharashtra govt’s harassment of Bruck Pharma director over Remdesivir supply

Saket Gokhale alleged that 'private individual' like Devendra Fadnavis is not authorised to purchase Remdesivir from Gujarat

Congress supporter Saket Gokhale requests Election Commission to pre-approve PM’s Modi’s speech in Bangladesh, delay the telecast in India

Saket Gokhale requested the Election Commission to allow the broadcast of PM’s speech in Bangladesh only after 6 pm

Congress supporter spreads conspiracy theories on Parambir Singh’s letter saga, blames BJP IT cell

Ex-Mumbai CP Parambir referring to himself as 'Shri' triggered Rahul Gandhi fanboy enough to float a conspiracy theory and accuse BJP IT Cell of writing the letter

Activist group accuses Congress supporter Saket Gokhale of using crowdfunding money for drugs, complains to NCB

Earlier an AAP supporter named Amit Behere has accused Saket Gokhale of cheating people by filing bogus RTIs and petitions.

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