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Sam Pitroda

‘Pakistan has izzat too, they have atom bombs’: How Sam Pitroda overshadowed this comment made by Mani Shankar Aiyar three weeks ago

In the clip, the old 'star pracharak' and BJP's lucky charm Mani Shankar Aiyar is seen saying that India must respect Pakistan because 'unki bhi izzat hai'. Thanks for the news Mr Aiyer, we were not aware that Pakistan has any izzat.

‘Bakwas ki hai,’ people associated with Gandhi family should think before doing anything: Robert Vadra on racist rant by Sam Pitroda

Robert Vadra rubbished Sam Pitroda's 'racist' remark and expressed surprise at how such an educated person could make these types of comments

Ideological Guru of Rahul Gandhi, brain behind Congress policies, Sam Pitroda resigns from his post as Overseas Congress chief following his racist remarks

The resignation comes after Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda, popularly known as Sam Pirtoda, claimed that Indians native to the Eastern side of the country resemble Chinese people, those living in the West appear middle eastern while North Indians look like ‘white people’ and the ones in the South are similar in appearance to the people of ‘Africa’.

‘Even Lord Krishna was dark’: PM Modi slams Congress over Sam Pitroda’s racist remarks, asks if skin colour is the reason they opposed President...

PM Modi pressed, "...'Shehzade aapko jawaab dena padega'. (Prince of Congress party you will have to answer for this.) My country will not tolerate the disrespect  of my countrymen on the basis of their skin colour and Modi will never tolerate this..."

Sam Pitroda says people of East India look like Chinese, South Indians look like Africans, goes on a racist rant in an attempt to...

Sam Pitroda claimed that Indians used to coexist in harmony and peace for many years before the BJP came to power.

Congress is not new to inheritance tax, it had imposed the ‘death tax’ for over 3 decades before abolishing in 1985, P Chidambaram repeatedly...

P Chidambaram had suggested imposing an Inheritance Tax through his articles as recently as March 2023. The UPA government was also mulling about the idea during their tenure.

Is Congress eyeing to snatch the inherited properties of only Hindus? Read how the party has promised they will never touch Muslim personal laws

Congress party's stance on inheritance tax, coupled with its longstanding support of Muslim personal laws, which govern inheritance-related matters among Muslims, it does appear that Congress is eyeing inherited properties of only Hindus.

‘Congress ki loot, zindagi ke saath bhi, zindagi ke baad bhi’: PM Modi on inheritance tax proposed by Rahul Gandhi’s advisor

PM Modi hit back at the Inheritance tax plan suggested by Sam Pitorda and charged the Congress party with over-burdening the taxpayers and rampant loot.

Jairam Ramesh says Sam Pitroda is ‘very respected’, but his statement should not be taken seriously, Sam Pitroda distances himself from his own statement

Jairam Ramesh posted his statement on X and said that Sam Pitroda's comments are his personal views and should not be considered as INC's views.

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