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The BJP has used the theme of cricket with IPL and world cup around the corner along with others sports like football to simplify its messaging ahead of the Lok Sabha to explain to the voters that how the BJP has a definitive leadership contrary to the anarchy and leadership void within the grand alliance.
There ain't no dimples deep enough, ain't no cheekbones high enough, that can keep our secular, liberal media from singing the glory of the new princess.
What must have transpired at 10, Janpath. Or maybe not
I am hereby declaring, with all the intellectual, suave English speaking power at my disposal, that I am now a Priyanka Gandhi Vadra fan
So, The Heir will take his oath as the Prime Minister of India in May 2019.
Dear Shashi Tharoor, you come across as a person 'suffering' from sesquipedalianism, whose words are devoid of any actual comprehensible meaning when it is tried to be put in context
Not the first time Lord Ram has landed in legal troubles.
“Are you a secret Modi admirer?” asked Meeny with menace in her voice.
God, however, was in no mood to correct this delusion that many people, including many in that state, harboured.
Eeny, Meeny, Mynie, and Moh left the building without paying the bill.
This is not the first time satire has been mistaken for 'news'
Satirist Ashwin S Kumar imagines himself as Shobhaa De, and writes what she would have written for Imran Khan.
"We have changed eligibility criteria so that the opposition and intellectuals would be very pleased"
Find out what kind of articles, tweets, and deeds you would have witnessed if Hindus were to celebrate Ramzan.
No look-a-like can master all these traits of our Rahul ji. We love you Rahul ji.
The line between reality and satire is so blurred, it has become increasingly easy to mistake satire for real.
Mystery 'hacker' who abused from Rajdeep's account is nowhere to be traced
Many mistakenly thought he had fallen for a parody account.
It requires special ability to see the brilliance and nobility of Rahul Gandhi. Here is one attempt.
When the going gets tough, the experts are called in
Feel Arvind Kejriwal has offended you? Now you can get an apology
Today we are forced to debate: Why did an official not accept a bribe, instead of debating, why an officer took bribe
The whistleblower is unhappy about the lack of reforms in his party.
Renuka Chaudhary's laughter doesn't discriminate. Outrage should not be selective too
Mainstream media blurs the line between satire and real news
In times when the country's GDP is in doldrums, Modi's pal's business is booming
Oh what a tangled web they weave
Let us live with mutual love and respect

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