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Congress leaders claim Rahul Gandhi running away from Amethi is a ‘masterstroke chess move’: Here are their 5 points that sound like satire

The attempt by senior Congress leaders Jairam Ramesh and Supriya Shrinate to rationalise Rahul Gandhi's flight from Amethi sounded more like satire than a serious explanation.

Pennies for power: The curious case of Congress’ crowdfunding conundrum

Congress failed to garner financial support for 'Donate For Desh' campaign as two lakh donors donated less than Rs 250 per person on average.

Australia to be stripped of its title and the World Cup final match to be re-played in a best-of-three format? Here is how fake...

A satirical article claiming the ICC has changed the finals format into a best of three for the World Cup 2023 has been doing the rounds on the internet.

Muslim intellectuals condemn attack on Ram Navami shobha yatras by Muslim mobs

The civil society comprising the Muslim community of India has spoken against threats of Islamofascism.

If New York Times published an Egg Fried Rice recipe, we imagined what it would be like

Modi government is pushing vegetarianism in a country where people even used to do gargle in the morning with leftover chicken curry. In such a scenario, making and eating egg fried rice is an act of resistance, and we resist!

Fact-check: Did a man earn USD 1,00,000 by getting 1,000 COVID vaccine shots in just 16 days

One Jack Raines had shared on various social media networks that he earned USD 1,00,000 in just 16 days by getting 1,000 shots of COVID-19 vaccines in New York. However, the satirical post was taken as fact by many.

Actor Rudranil Ghosh pens hard-hitting poem on the SSC recruitment scam saga under Mamata Banerjee’s rule

At a time, when Mamata Banerjee wants journalists and the film industry to crawl, Rudranil Ghosh is standing up to the regime, one poem at a time.

Article describing “The Benefits of World Hunger” published by the UN goes viral, netizens confused whether it is real or satire

The article titled “the Benefits of World Hunger” written by Hawaiian professor George Kent was published on UN Chronicle in 2008

Loosely written QR Codes are single-handedly responsible for what’s happening in Pakistan

Protests have erupted in Pakistan over allegedly blasphemous QR codes used by Samsung. Earlier, Pepsi was accused of blasphemy.

Lost but not defeated: Bengali actor Rudranil Ghosh is taking on the Mamata regime, one poem at a time

"If you open your mouth, then, they will snatch away your job. This is why everyone is silent and there is no cry of protest," Rudranil Ghosh lamented.

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