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‘Should children of IAS-IPS officers continue to get reservation benefits?’ Justice BR Gavai asks as Supreme Court starts hearing plea on sub-grouping in SC/ST...

“A person from the SC/ST community, after getting into central services like IAS and IPS, gets access to the best of facilities. Yet, his children and their children continue to get the benefits of reservation. Should this continue?" Justice Gavai asked.

Reports say govt may set up panel to ‘study condition of Dalits who convert to Islam or Christianity’: Why we need to tread carefully

With several such pleas pending in the court, that demand reservation for "Dalit Christians" and "Dalit Muslims", according to media reports, the government is now mulling setting up a panel to study the condition of those Dalits who convert to Christianity or Islam.

Devendra Kula Vellalar community in Tamil Nadu seeks exclusion from Scheduled Caste category

One lakh people from the community are expected to gather on May 6th in Virudhunagar to demand exclusion from SC list

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