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The ‘iPhone scam’ saga, a US-based businessman, allegations of fraud, hacking and what we know so far: Latest details

On February 15, 2021, Nishant Singh and Abhimanyu Srana came up with a thread alleging that one Twitter user Neel Patel alias Hitesh Patel has been scamming people for more than 15 years.

The curious case of Steve Jarding: How the specialist in failure Harvard Professor failed Nidhi Razdan

Steve Jarding is in the advisory board of the Kautilya School of Public Policy (KSPP) along with Nidhi Razdan.

Harvard University announced freeze on hiring two months before Nidhi Razdan claimed she was joining the Uni: Details

In April 2020, the Harvard University had announced that they were implementing an immediate freeze on hiring and salary.

Nidhi Razdan Harvard fiasco: Former Director of Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab says the University does not offer journalism courses

Nidhi Razdan revealed that she had fallen for a phishing attack and that Harvard University had not really offered her a job.

Nidhi Razdan got ‘scammed’ into believing that she got a job from Harvard University: Here is what does not make sense in her story

While Nidhi Razdan says that the Harvard job she was offered was fake, last year she had said she is teaching in Harvard

The Nidhi Razdan Harvard fiasco: A user had sounded off the alarms as early as September 2020

Nidhi Razdan revealed on Friday that she fell victim to a phishing scam and confirmed that she was never offered a job by Harvard.

Nidhi Razdan was scammed into believing she got an offer from the real Harvard University to become a professor of journalism: Details

Nidhi Razdan, formerly with NDTV, has revealed that she was the victim of a phishing attack and Harvard never came calling.

After ED summons, Sanjay Raut’s wife pays back ‘interest-free’ loan taken from PMC Bank scam accused’s wife

Varsha Raut, the wife of Shiv Sena's motormouth Sanjay Raut submitted documents to the ED through a relative, claiming that she paid loans taken from Pravin Raut's wife from funds generated from the film 'Thackeray’ penned by her husband.

Founder of ‘Freedom ‘251’ mobile phone arrested yet again, this time, for defrauding dry fruit traders: What we know so far

The police recovered several key documents, 60 kg dry fruits, and two cars including an Audi from Mohit Goel, founder of Freedom 251

ED crackdown on Shiv Sena leader Pratap Sarnaik over NSEL scam, takes possession of 112 properties

The ED had earlier attached the plots. However, Sarnaik had allegedly sold the properties as the attachment details did not show in the records of Revenue Department.

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