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Footage of October 7 Hamas terror attack screened by Israeli consulate in Mumbai shows they were well prepared, reminded of the Mumbai terror attack

Israeli Consulate in Mumbai held a screening of the raw footage of October 7 Hamas terror attack on 9 November

Howrah: Screening of ‘The Kerala Story’ disrupted, BJP accuses West Bengal police of attacking moviegoers

On May 8, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee banned the movie ‘The Kerala Story' in West Bengal, citing the need to maintain ‘peace’ in the State.

BBC documentary row: Leftist groups screen banned propaganda series at multiple universities, ABVP responds with screening The Kashmir Files

SFI screens BBC Documentary "India: The Modi Question" at University of Hyderabad and Jadavpur University in Kolkata, plans more screening

Kerala: Communist groups to screen BBC’s propaganda documentary on PM Modi

CPIM-linked DYFI and SFI have planned to screen the banned propaganda BBC documentary across Kerala.

“Somebody had to do it, then why not me”, account of a ‘liquidator of Corona’ participating in Coronavirus screening conducted by RSS and ABVP

ABVP leader narrates his experience as 'liquidator of Corona' in conducting Coronavirus screening organised by RSS and ABVP

The truth behind “expert” Ramanan Laxminarayanan, who is being promoted by media to create Coronavirus panic

Ramanan Laxminarayanan, due to scale of current health emergency, perhaps now looking at opportunities to promote his commercial interests.

Ahmedabad Airport Authority bust lies peddled by a traveller alleging that there was no thermal screening at the airport

Traveler alleges no thermal screening was done on him at Ahmedabad Airport, authorities release CCTV footage showing he was screened

Leftist groups violently disrupt screening of film on ‘Love Jihad’, attack security guard on JNU campus

Not the first and last time leftist goons at JNU have shown intolerant and violent mindset.

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