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Frustrated Congressis target Smriti Irani again with sexual innuendos, the Amethi loss of now disqualified MP Rahul Gandhi still hurts

The frustration is from the fact that Smriti Irani won Amethi. Not just win it, but won it after defeating Rahul Gandhi, something Congressis are still salty about.

Complaint filed in the case of sexual harassment of Hindu women, whose pics were pornographically morphed for ‘stud Muslim men’

Complaint filed against Reddit and users who morphed images of Hindu women in a sexually derogatory manner.

Smriti Irani condemns sexual innuendos directed at Saina Nehwal, asks if ‘women get explicitly objectified only through one app?’

Smriti Irani pointed out the social media harassment Saina Nehwal went through while talking about the broader issue of women being denied dignity on social media to The Indian Express

‘SC of Hindu Rashtra’, ‘Eunuch’, ‘Har*mzada’: Former head of Amnesty India, Aakar Patel, goes on a tirade against Judiciary

In a contemptuous tweet, Aakar Patel claimed that Supreme Courthas been intentionally chosen to be 'pusillanimous' and a 'coward'.

The Locker Room Controversy: After ‘Bois Locker Room’, chats of ‘Girls Locker Room’ leaked

Following the 'Bois Locker Room' expose, incriminating screenshots of an alleged women-only groups talking trash about men and objectifying them have surfaced on the Internet

Madras Christian College professors held guilty of sexual misconduct by the Internal Complaints Committee

When the incident came to light, students from the 1997-2000 zoology batch shared similar instances of harassment

A Muslim fanatic with hate in heart: How batchmates describe the girl who claimed harassment over religious identity

Umam Khanam, who eulogises JNU freelance protestor Shehla Rasheed and fake news propagator Arfa Khanum Sherwani, in a series of tweets had also claimed 'victimhood' stating that certain students under the influence of alcohol had harassed her.

Barkha Dutt complains to Police about her number being public, after advertising that her number was public for ‘Kashmiris in need’

In a tweet Barkha Dutt had posted herself on social media the previous day, she had advertised that her number was online and available to Kashmiris who needed help or 'felt vulnerable'.

Filmmaker who accused Vinod Dua of molestation asks The Wire to fire him to allow fair investigation

Nishtha Jain says how impartial investigation is possible when Vinod Dua is still part of The Wire

#MeToo: The Wire journalist Vinod Dua accused of stalking, sexual harassment

She even accused him of humiliating her during the job interview

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