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No one at the company knew this code existed: Elon Musk acknowledges that Twitter shadowban is real, vows to increase transparency

Elon Musk said, "True. So many skeletons in the closet. No one at the company knew this code existed."

Twitter censored Stanford professor for raising alarm over harmful impact of COVID lockdown on children: Here’s what he had said

Dr Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of at Stanford University, was one of the victims of Twitter's arbitrary blacklisting policy.

Twitter Files 2.0: Arbitrary blacklisting, deliberate reduction in tweet visibility of right-wing accounts exposed in internal communications

Bari Weiss informed that Twitter referred to 'shadow banning' as 'Visibility Filtering to stop posts by individual users from appearing in searches.

Twitter suspends Oxford student Rashmi Samant’s account citing her age, restores it later with temporary restrictions

Currently, her account is temporarily restricted and Twitter has attached a warning to her account saying that there has been some unusual activity from Rashmi Samant's account.

Twitter accused of shadow-banning Indian Army’s Chinar Corp’s account, complaint filed by Delhi-based activist group

Kalinga Rights Forum files complaint against Twitter for allegedly shadow-banning the account of Chinar Corp of Indian Army

Jack refuses to acknowledge that twitter shadowbans on the basis of ideology right after admitting how it banned anti-Biden report

An NY Post investigative report exposing link between Joe Biden and Ukraine has been banned by Twitter, preventing users from sharing it

Twitter users complain about mysterious reduction in number of retweets of their tweets, allege foul play

Retweets on tweets of many right-wing Twitter users seen coming down rapidaly

Parliamentary panel on IT gives 15 days deadline to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to appear before them

The parliamentary panel refused to hear the team sent by Twitter, and said that the CEO must come for the hearing

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