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The Lady of Heaven: How a movie on Fathima has exposed Islam’s Shia-Sunni conflict again as theatres in UK surrender before threats

The Lady of Heaven, a movie based on the life of prophet Mohammed daughter Fathima, is being opposed by Sunni Muslims

Islamists issue death threats to BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma: What she said and what the Islamic scriptures say

Islamists issued death threats to Nupur Sharma over her remarks on Prophet Muhammad and Islam during. adebate on Times Now.

Pakistan mosque refuses to make an announcement to trace missing girl Dua Zehra as she has a ‘Shia name’

A mosque in Pakistan's Karachi has refused to make an announcement for a missing 14-year-old girl Dua Zehra because of her Shia name.

Gujarat Waqf Tribunal urges Bar Council to take legal action against four lawyers for acting ‘inappropriately’ during hearing

The Gujarat Waqf Tribunal sought action after the lawyers accused two of the tribunal members of recusing themselves from the case as they belonged to the Sunni sect.

Blast caused by a magnetic bomb attached to minivan kills 6 in Shia majority area in Kabul, ISIS-K suspected

Magnetic bomb attached to a minivan exploded in the Shia majority area of Kabul resulting in six deaths and several injured

Afghanistan: Massive explosion at mosque during Friday Namaz rocks Nangarhar, multiple casualties feared

The explosion occurred in front of a mosque in the Spin Ghar district in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan during the Friday Namaz.

Afghanistan: ‘Sunni’ ISIS-KP takes responsibility for bombing Shia mosque in Kunduz, bomber an Uyghur Muslim

The recent rise of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan has accentuated the fear of the Hazara community who had earlier been targeted by ISKP.

Shia procession attacked in Pakistan on Muharram, 3 killed and 59 injured in the bomb blast

Videos of the attack on procession by Shia Muslims in Pakistan have gone viral on social media

Supreme Court imposes a fine of Rs 50,000 on Former UP Shia Waqf Broad Chairman for his PIL to remove verses promoting Jihad from...

SC imposed Rs 50,000 fine on Syed Wasim Rizvi for his PIL to remove 26 verses of the Quran for promoting terrorism and jihad.

Shia Muslims take to Twitter to share how they faced harassment and hatred in Sunni-majority Pakistan

On Friday, thousands of Sunni extremists hit the streets of Karachi to lead anti-Shia protests, thereby escalating tensions between the two Islamic sects and sparking fears of a series of violent events.

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