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Siddharth Varadarajan

Siddharth Varadarajan’s wife Nandini Sundar, ‘Adolf Hitler’ and 1900+ others sign an open letter contextualising Hamas attack against Israel, where they raped and beheaded...

Over 1900 sociologists sign a letter accusing Israel of "genocide" and arguing that Hamas terror must be "contextualized"

The Wire’s Siddharth Varadarajan makes 6 arguments to legitimise Khalistanis in Canada, protect their ‘freedom of expression’: Dismantling his propaganda

Siddharth Vardarajan suggested that Canada was somehow shoved into a corner by the Indian government, which forced it to make unfounded allegations against India in public.

Meta Vs The Wire: Delhi court orders conditional release of electronic devices seized from editors of The Wire in raids last year

The devices were seized during raids by the Delhi police at the residence and offices of The Wire in Delhi in October 2022.

50 left-liberals, ‘journalists’, actors, former judges and Urban Naxals come out in support of NewsClick over Chinese funding scandal

The Wire's Sidhharth Varadarajan, MK Venu, John Dayal, actor couple Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah and others came in support of NewsClick.

Varadarajan denies The Wire Marathi has unpaid dues after it discontinued operations

Journalist Nikhil Wagle said that two journalists who worked for The Wire Marathi were not paid after the portal shut down

‘For hire’ whitewashers now come to The Wire’s rescue to water down Varadarajan’s lack of editorial standards in The Wire’s Meta fiasco

Professional whitewashers for Islamist crimes are now offering their services for lesser crimes.

N Ram, who fabricated Rafale documents, gives gyaan on ‘lessons to draw’ from META story fabrication: How he tried to give ‘The Wire’ a...

N Ram spoke about what journalists should learn from the Meta mess created by The Wire, while he himself fabricated Rafale document

Agle janam mohe ‘liberal’ hi kijo…

I want to be a 'liberal' so I can get away with fabricating documents, conjuring up imaginary 'dangerous' apps with industrial grade spying abilities straight out of science fiction novels, trigger riots, murders over 'blasphemy' and whine on international platform that government is baying for my blood.

Devesh Kumar of Meta Vs The Wire saga denies being ‘mentally disturbed’ as claimed by the portal, says he is cooperating with police

Devesh Kumar said, "I am not mentally unstable. This is the first time something like this is happening in my life."

Freedom House, that downgraded India to ‘partly free’ and cited The Wire reports, fails to retract its pronouncements even after Tek Fog reports are...

The Wire withdrew its Tek Fog reports from public viewing after it was discovered the stories written on Meta that involved same team as Tek Fog, had fabricated documents and evidence

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