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Sino-Indian relations

Jawaharlal Nehru: History has been kinder to him because he rewrote it

Even in the Macaulay tinted version of history parroted by the Congress his contributions pale in comparison to Mohandas Gandhi who too benefited from the same.

‘You have a parallel information system in place’: RS Prasad takes a jibe at Rahul Gandhi citing Gandhi’s meetings with Chinese officials during Doklam...

Union minister RS Prasad slamed Rahul Gandhi for demanding that govt should disclose sensitive information on China border issue

China proposes to build bullet train corridor to Kolkata via Bangladesh and Myanmar

The Chinese envoy described India as a rising economy

Air India is not the only airlines that has agreed to ‘rename’ Taiwan under Chinese pressure

Taiwan has called out this order by China as 'bullying' to achieve its 'political objectives'.

Chinese state media gives prominence to Modi-Xi meet, hoping to open new chapter in Sino-Indian ties

Chinese state newspaper stated, "Xi tells Modi cooperation between great nations points way for world"

Doklam: How India’s determination reduced China to the level of a Twitter troll

In this standoff, only India behaved like a matured sovereign nation, while China's antics were anything but matured.

How China played a double game during the liberation of Goa

China’s two faced reaction after Goa was liberated from Portugal by freedom fighters backed by India.

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