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Karnataka govt asks BBMP to stun animals before slaughter as it’s ‘humane’, but.. it may be against Halal

Stunning is a process where various methods of shock are used to 'stun' the animal so that it becomes unconscious before slaughter and has a relatively painless death.

Slaughterhouse politics: Congress candidate for UP’s Moradabad makes promises about slaughterhouses, says Yogi govt ‘harasses’ Qureshi community

Rizwan Qureshi, the Congress candidate for Moradabad city, claimed that if he wins the upcoming election from his constituency the first thing he would do is reopen the slaughterhouses that remain shut in the state

300 buffaloes to be slaughtered for Bakra Eid at Mumbai’s Deonar abattoir every day for 3 days, Maha govt informs HC

In a separate plea filed by All India Jamiatul Quresh, the petitioner urged that 700 animals must be allowed for “Qurbani” per day at Deonar. Current cap has been set at 300 animals per day.

Jammu and Kashmir administration bans illegal slaughtering of cows, camels on Eid-ul-Adha

Jammu and Kashmir administration has ordered the officials to stop the illegal killing of cows, camels and other animals on the occasion of Bakra-Eid

Cow thief Ahamuddin travelled across India to steal cows and sell them to slaughterhouses. Details

Cow thief Ahamuddin would stay in South India for a few months to steal cows and sell them off to slaughterhouses before going back to his native place in Haryana

Karnataka: 13 calves rescued by volunteers from illegal slaughterhouse where beef was being sold as mutton

Acting on a complaint by an NGO, police raided a few mutton shops in Arsikere in Karnataka where butchers sold beef as mutton. Volunteers also rescued 13 calves from illegal slaughterhouse.

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