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Taunting on the bail of Gandhi family and Chidambaram family, Modi said that now there is now a family pack in bail too.
The events of the coming days will determine the future of Kerala, and its Hindu Community.
This is not the first time that the media has used a tragedy to further their sinister agenda
The shameless fanning of North-South divide just goes to show the deep-rooted intolerance in the Media community.
The Fake News was also spread by the Malayali newspaper, Mathrubhumi.
With her inaction of rejecting the report, \Congress should answer for the floods which claimed over 350 lives. 
The question before the wider Indian populace is whether we share the two prime objectives that our liberals want to push on us
We had reported how certain intellectuals had resorted to fanning separatist sentiments in the wake of the Kerala floods.
Some people afflicted with hyper-intellect have also suggested that Maharashtra join this band of Southern states.
Anti-Brahmin bigotry is quite acceptable in Indian intellectual circles.
The demand for Dravida Nadu is not based on logically sound planning or thoughts.
BR Ambedkar didn't buy the Aryan Invasion Theory
The theft of ancient idols were unnoticed for decades.
Terror group flying under the radar of Delhi based electronic media?

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