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South Korea

Massive population decline in South Korea: 150 schools have no first graders to enrol

The Ministry of Education in South Korea said that 157 elementary schools across the country do not have any first graders to enrol in the month of March

South Korea launches new high-speed train linking Seol with surrounding areas, govt hopes it will help in increasing birthrate

South Korea hopes that the new high speed train service GTX will give people enough time to people to spend time with family and give birth to babies.

Squid Game actor O Yeong-Su, who played Player Number 001 ‘Oh IL Nam’, convicted of sexual misconduct

O, one of the main stars of Squid Game, was sentenced to up to eight months in prison, suspended for two years.

No more dog meat in South Korea: Historic decision to end consumption of dogs in the country

The bill outlaws the raising, butchering, distributing, and selling of dog meat in South Korea.

South Korea orders evacuation of islands after North Korea fires more than 200 artillery rounds nearby in a significant flare-up

North Korea fired more than 200 artillery shells, prompting South Korea to order evacuation of residents of its two islands.

South Korean Ambassador highlights importance of Ayodhya, says would like to be part of Ram Mandir inauguration ceremony

"The central government or UP government should elaborate the program of Ram Temple inauguration. We will work on that and attend the Ram temple inauguration if the government of India issues an invitation," South Korean Ambassador Chang Jae-Bok said.

North Korea confirms custody of Travis King, the US Soldier who dashed into North Korea from South Korea last month

North Korea has confirmed custody of US Army soldier Private Travis King in its first response to requests for information on his whereabouts

South Korea: Nine bodies recovered from flooded tunnel as death toll reaches 35

Rescuers working to reach cars trapped in a flooded tunnel near the city of Cheongju have found nine bodies.

Former Samsung executive indicted for stealing South Korean semiconductor production secrets, worth over $200 million, for rivals in China

A 65-year-old former Samsung Electronics executive was indicted on Monday for allegedly stealing South Korean semiconductor production secrets in order to construct a competitor facility in China, according to Asia Nikkei. 

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