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Two Chinese govt agents arrested in the US for a plot by Beijing against exiled anti-Communist Falun Gong spiritual movement: Full details

US authorities have arrested two suspected Chinese government agents in connection with an alleged plot by Beijing against the exiled anti-communist Falun Gong spiritual movement, Al Jazeera reported. 

Suspected spy pigeon with camera and microchip tied on legs caught by fishermen in Odisha, handed over to police

The 'spy pigeon' with a camera and a microchip, probably a GPS device, was caught when it sat on a trawler near

Five men arrested in Assam for supplying pre-activated SIM cards to agents in Pakistan, five others on the run

Assam Police busted a racket of supplying SIM cards to agents in Pakistan, five men arrested from Nagaon and Morigaon districts

TikTok employees were spying on US journalists, illegally obtaining data of US TikTokers, internal investigation finds

ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of TikTok, said on Thursday that an internal investigation found that employees had inappropriately obtained the data of US TikTok users

Who is Sehar Shinwari who got some fame on Twitter during T20 World Cup and now doesn’t want to let it go

Who is 'Sehar Shinwari', the Pakistani 'actress' who shot to social media fame in India two weeks back? And why is there no Pakistani media coverage about her?

Chinese spies inside US universities, 4 MSS agents charged for trying to recruit professors to work against US

US DOJ informed that Four Chinese Nationals were charged for acting as agents of the Chinese government in the United States.

‘Pegasus not found’: Supreme Court says no conclusive proof of the spyware found on the phones submitted for examination

CJI Ramana said that the Supreme Court appointed committee did not find Pegasus spyware on mobile phones it examined

Pakistani journalist claims he had spied on India during visits, was invited by Hamid Ansari and passed information to Pak Army

Pakistan journalist Nusrat Mirza said he collected information on separatist movements in India during his visits between 2005 to 2011.

Alleged victims of Pegasus snoop who gave their devices to self-proclaimed ‘experts’ fail to submit phones before SC panel

On January 2, 2022, the technical committee appointed by the Supreme Court had issued a public notice asking citizens and alleged victims of the Pegasus spyware to come forward and contact the panel if they suspected that their mobile devices were infected by Pegasus malware.

British security agency MI5 issues ‘interference alert’, says Chinese lawyer is trying to influence politicians on behalf of China

MI5 has issued a security warning in which it says that there is a Chinese spy who is trying to influence parliamentarians in UK

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