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Alleged victims of Pegasus snoop who gave their devices to self-proclaimed ‘experts’ fail to submit phones before SC panel

On January 2, 2022, the technical committee appointed by the Supreme Court had issued a public notice asking citizens and alleged victims of the Pegasus spyware to come forward and contact the panel if they suspected that their mobile devices were infected by Pegasus malware.

British security agency MI5 issues ‘interference alert’, says Chinese lawyer is trying to influence politicians on behalf of China

MI5 has issued a security warning in which it says that there is a Chinese spy who is trying to influence parliamentarians in UK

China’s plan to break Taiwan: Infiltration of military ranks with spy networks, recruiting ex-officers with lavish gifts

The detailed investigation reports accessed by Reuters have reportedly revealed that China has systematically built a spy network to undermine Taiwan's defence capabilities, weaken its power and acquire detailed knowledge about its strategic weapons and plans.

Muslim man poses as American Jew secret agent to marry a Jew woman from Brooklyn, being probed by FBI after three passports found

A Lebanese-born Muslim man posed as a Hasidic Jew and lied his way into marrying a Jewish woman of Syrian descent living in Brooklyn

Kerala HC quashes time limit on anticipatory bail of ex-cop Siby Mathews who framed scientist Nambi Narayanan in fake espionage case

Siby Mathews is the fourth accused being probed by the CBI in the 1994 ISRO espionage case in which erstwhile ISRO scientist Dr Nambi Narayanan was framed

Chinese spy agency actively seeking to undermine Nepal’s relations with other countries, reports Nepalese daily

The main priority of Chinese spy agency is to invalidate the MCC grant of $500 million by US to Nepal, reported Nepalese daily Khabar Hub

Russia: Russian LGBT Network, exiled lawyer Ivan Pavlov declared ‘foreign agents’, believed to be receiving foreign funding

Russia places Russian LGBT Network, exiled lawyer Ivan Pavlov and four others in its list of 'foreign agents'.

SC asks CBI to proceed against former Kerala cops who had implicated scientist Nambi Narayanan in false espionage case

The top court has asked the CBI to gather evidence against former Kerala cops accused in fake ISRO espionage case on its own rather than relying on the Justice Jain Committee.

NSO group, owner of spyware of Pegasus, says the list of ‘potential targets’ for surveillance does not belong to them at all

NSO Group, which owns spyware Pegasus, has stated that the list of 'potential targets' is not associated with them in any manner.

Pegasus ‘snoopgate’ explainer: Loopholes, conjectures, outright lies with links to the US establishment, Canada govt, George Soros and more

The Pegasus story may be a damp squib, but it has the marking of a story that is carefully crafted to affect "regime change".

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