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Bollywood kept portraying South Indians only as people who say ‘Aiyo kaisa ji’, things are changing now: Actress Priyamani

Over the years, the representation of 'South India' in Bollywood has been reduced to portraying characters who just do not speak Hindi the normal way, characters whose job is to say things like "Aiyo, kaisa ji, kya bolta ji", Priyamani said.

Raj Thackeray says Sridevi’s death used as ruse to divert attention from Nirav Modi scam

Thackeray claims media is under tremendous pressure from government.

NDTV shows us how to camouflage speculation about Sridevi’s death

Nidhi Razdan didn’t jump inside a tub like some other reporters, but in spirit, she was right there

Read how vulture media gave bizarre conspiracy infused twists to Sridevi’s death

The slow, painful death of decency and sensitivity in Indian media.

Sridevi redefined what an actress could and could not do

Veteran actor Sridevi, passed away due to a massive cardiac arrest at 54.

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