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‘Stand-up comedian’ Priyansh Kaushik offers insincere ‘apology’ over Hinduphobic comments, slyly mocks Hindu beliefs yet again in a new video

Kaushik, who found himself in a centre of a raging online storm for his remarks on Hindu beliefs, slyly made Hinduphobic remarks while pretending to apologise.

Comedy of errors: Indian ‘comedians’ and delusion of grandeur

Their hypocrisy camouflaged as satire is nauseating.

Social media users show the mirror to Comedian Vir Das

Vir Das claims they made fun of Congress too, Twitter digs out his Congress appreciation Tweets

Stand Up comic shows how not to react to criticism on social media

If you find an Indian standup comic unfunny, you're either abused or worse, threatened

All you need to know about StartUp India: Opportunities and Concerns

StartUp India, an ambitious move in the right direction

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