Thursday, June 17, 2021



Donald Trump mocks Twitter after stocks stumble 15%, slams them for silencing free speech: Details

Donald Trump said that this was the price the social media giant Twitter was probably having to pay for stifling free speech

Bombay Oxygen Investment’s stock prices soar amidst rising demand for oxygen during Covid crisis, except it doesn’t manufacture the gas

Investors had invested their money in Bombay Oxygen Corporation Ltd thinking it is into the production of oxygen, but the company is listed as an NBFC on Bombay Stock Exchange.

David beats Goliath: Retail investors cause hedge funds to lose billions of dollars for trying to short-sell Gamestop stock

GameStop stock price surged after retail investors organised on Reddit decided to teach short-seller hedge funds a lesson

A day after Tanishq ad controversy, Titan stock prices drop by 2.58 per cent

Titan, which owns the Tanishq jewellery brand, did not fare too well at the stock market on Tuesday.

Budget 2020 fulfils a long-standing demand of startup community, defers tax payment on ESOPs for 5-years

Finance minister proposes to defer payment of tax on ESOPs by five years in budget 2020

NDTV’s Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy get show cause notice from SEBI for insider trading

Earlier too, NDTV has had a similar brush with the law when they got a show cause notice from the Income Tax Department

Modi government reportedly signs deal worth Rs 150 Billion to build stockpile for a 30 day war

The top brass of Army and the Defence Ministry will be monitoring the project.

ED set to sell unpledged shares of Mallya, to fetch around Rs 4,000 crores

The amount is nearly half of the money owed to lenders

Sunday Guardian claims a diabolical plan hatched by a former UPA minister to overthrow Modi

The scale, reach and ability of Lutyens cabal led by former minister seem to be huge. Will Modi take note of this warning and act?

Commodity guru Jim Rogers changes his mind about India, will these people too?

In 2015 Rogers had exited India, he now claims he made a mistake

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