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Rahul Gandhi’s comical fight sequence to demonstrate how he takes on the BJP by utilising their ‘energy’ has netizens amused, watch

That the grown up men, who were also Congress leaders and supporters, were also going 'wow' at end of the demonstration by Rahul Gandhi like it was some phenomenal strategy he showed.

National Herald consulting editor hosts discussion on Rahul Gandhi unfollowing Twitter accounts, this is the wisdom that came out

One of the most riveting discussions on political landscape in India in recent times.

‘India is the prime target of China’s political warfare’: New book on CCP’s functioning lays bare Beijing’s evil strategy against New Delhi

Authored by Kerry K. Gershaneck, the book "Political Warfare: Strategies for Combating China’s Plan to Win without Fighting" encapsulates the CCP's nefarious designs against India and other nations

President Trump believed in backing India to take on China in Indo-Pacific region, reveals strategic document declassified by USA

USA envisions that India will remain preeminent in South Asia and will take the leading role in maintaining Indian Ocean security

Will 2019 Lok Sabha elections see a repeat of 2004 elections for BJP?

Less than two years are remaining but opposition strategies are already in place to repeat 2004

When Modi told Congress how to take on BJP, and got an offer to join Congress

In an old video clip, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh is seen making that offer. What Modi said is still relevant.

Surgical strikes – understanding the strategy behind going public with information

Public announcement of the surgical strikes by the Indian Army and Government was part of a well thought of strategy.

The EPF mess and how not to bring in a taxation change

The outrage over EPF and the genesis

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