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West Bengal: Business community calls for a 3-day strike after Islamists burn down shops and houses over alleged ‘blasphemy’ row

BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari pointed out how the media has been selective about the mayhem unleashed by Islamists.

Bharat Bandh: Kerala govt warns public servants against participating in the general strike after HC directive

The Kerala HC had slammed govt officials participating in strikes, observing that it was illegal for them to do so.

‘What strike?’: NYTimes report on ‘Bharat bandh’ claiming India was ‘thrown into confusion’ leaves netizens confused, read details

Except for Kerala (where state unions started strike last night itself), the strike had very little impact on lives of people otherwise. It was business as usual. But then, NYTimes seems to be living in a parallel universe.

As the strike by Delhi Anganwadi workers enter third week, AAP govt sends threatening messages and notices to them

Delhi govt officials send threatening messages to Anganwadi workers who are protesting demanding better facilities

Bharat Bandh: Congress supported ‘farmer’ protestors block roads, sit on railway tracks but fail to make an impact

Earlier in March this year, ‘farmer protestors’ gave calls for ‘Bharat Bandh’ in Punjab and caused a loss of ₹500 crores in a single day.

Labour And Dravidianism: History of Buckingham and Carnatic Mills Strike, the first major industrial unrest in South India

One of the major reasons for the success of the Dravidian movement is its co-option of the working class

Telangana RTC strike: The 48,000 dismissed employees refuse to budge, say will take government to court

The Joint Action Committee (JAC), spearheading the strike by over 48,000 employees, made it clear that they will not resume their duties until the government accepts their major demands.

Telangana: KCR govt dismisses 48,000 employees of Road Transport Corporation

After a high-level meeting with state RTC officials on Sunday evening, CM Rao announced that the Telangana State RTC now has only 1200 employees, including those who had not joined the strike and who had resumed their duties before 6 pm on Saturday.

Maharashtra: Engineers to go on pen down strike to protest attack on a deputy engineer by Congress MLA Nitesh Rane

A sense of entitlement gives these lawmakers the courage to take law in their hands

West Bengal Doctor Crisis: Protesting doctors agree to meet Mamata Banerjee in presence of full media even as IMA goes on strike

The protesting junior doctors have now agreed to meet Mamata Banerjee at 3:00 PM today. However, the doctors have said that the meeting would have to be “in the full view of the media” and not “behind closed doors”.

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