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Subramaniam swamy

BJP leader Tajinder Bagga files defamation case against Subramanian Swamy, hearing on 12th January: Details

BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga has finally filed a defamation case against Subramanian Swamy after his allegations in September

Subramanian Swamy lies to peddle ‘Chinese incursion’ theory, say that Arunachal people want him to ‘focus’ on the state: Read how he got caught

Subramanian Swamy misquoted AP MP Tapir Gao in order to promote his anti-Modi agenda and the lie of Chinese incursion in AP

BJP supporters rejoice as they wonder if Subramanian Swamy will join TMC: Here is what they are saying

BJP supporters rejoined as speculations gain ground that BJP leader Subramanian Swamy might join TMC

Subramanian Swamy to “fact-check” violence against Hindus in Bengal six months after it began, recalls Mamata Banerjee as pro-Hindu leader

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy sparked speculations after he showered praise on Mamata Banerjee and met her in West Bengal

Despite all the ‘Virat Hindu’ noises Subramanian Swamy has been making, here is why I can’t trust him

Subramanian Swamy, who has been masquerading as a 'Virat Hindu', left several political dead bodies in his path while reaching the top

Subramanian Swamy gets desperate as rumours of cabinet reshuffle gain ground: Hubris and delusions

With rumours gaining ground that there might be a cabinet shuffle on the cards, Subramanian Swamy has now started hankering

Hours after expressing displeasure over new BJP team, Subramanian Swamy retweets report that hails Priyanka Gandhi

Snubbing the demand of Subramanian Swamy to remove BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya, BJP had retained in the new party team

I need practice so I will enjoy suing UN official: Here is why Subramanian Swamy is all set to sue UN official for defamation

"I need practice so I will enjoy suing in court a United Nation official for defamatory lies", said Subramanian Swamy

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