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Suit Boot ki Sarkar

‘Class is Permanent’: Congress gloat over Rahul Gandhi’s ‘suit-boot’ look in the UK after mocking PM Modi for the same

In 2015, Rahul Gandhi coined the term 'Suit Boot ki Sarkar' to allege that the Modi government only serves the interests of the corporates, and not the farmers.

Suit Boot ki Sarkar? After talking about PM Modi’s muffler, Rahul Gandhi wears a designer shirt to Lok Sabha

Rahul Gandhi has often accused PM Modi of wearing expensive clothes and accused him of running a government for the benefit of the capitalists

For all his angst against Adani, Rahul Gandhi chose Kamal Nath who rallied behind Adani for power plant in Chhindwara

Kamal Nath is believed to be close to Gautam Adani, whom Rahul Gandhi has frequently accused of being a 'crony capitalist'

Rahul needs to know of Mahatma Gandhi and Capitalists

When Rahul Gandhi today accuses of Modi government siding with the Capitalists, it appears as such a sham

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