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‘Mahua Moitra misusing power, conspiring with WB police to spy on me like she did on her ex-boyfriend’: Full details of Jai Dehadrai’s complaint...

After accusing her of trespassing on his house and stealing his beloved dog named ‘Henry’, Supreme Court lawyer Jai Anant Dehadrai has accused Mahua Moitra of carrying out illegal surveillance on him. He said she has been doing this in connivance with some senior police officers in West Bengal

12-hour security ‘situation’ at G20 luxury hotel over suspected ‘equipment’ inside a bag that Chinese diplomats refused to get scanned: Report

While conducting a room inspection, a staff member raised concerns about suspicious equipment within the bag belonging to a member of the Chinese delegation. The Chinese refused to let the bag checked.

Predator drones and Boeing P-8I aircraft have proved useful in surveillance in Ladakh: Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar

Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar said the P-8I surveillance planes along with the two leased Predator drones have proved useful in Ladakh

China has been using surveillance against its minorities based on foreign countries, many receive threats for talking about Tibetans, Uyghurs: Details

China has been using surveillance on its miniorities based in foreign countries for intimidation, blackmail and coercion. 

As China increases mass DNA collection, global lawmakers urge countries to stop business with companies supplying kits to China

Beijing's mass DNA collection forces global lawmakers to halt business with companies supplying the technology to China

Former UK diplomat narrates how he was set up by a British professor and monitored by Chinese Intelligence in 2018

Former UK diplomat Charles Patron narrates how he was subjected to surveillance by the Chinese Intelligence

Rahul Gandhi and Congress party relies on NYT, twists their story to target the Modi govt on Pegasus yet again: How they are wrong

Govt has every right to use surveillance tools against enemies of nation, and it may have purchased Pegasus for the same

Conspiracy theory group claims US govt has replaced all birds with surveillance drones, asks Twitter to change its logo

Birds Aren't Real says every bird is a govt surveillance drone and every use of “bird” imagery is intentional pro-bird social programming

Australia imposes draconian measures to curb Covid-19, passes surveillance bill giving unprecedented power to cops

The Australia Government has adopted drastic measures in the name of Covid-19 that are a direct threat to democracy and freedom

Why I don’t worry about the government tapping my phone – and neither should you

The current debate on Pegasus project has nothing to do with principles, just liberal privilege. The liberal elite gets to choose the issue of the day and make us all react.

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