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Former UK diplomat narrates how he was set up by a British professor and monitored by Chinese Intelligence in 2018

Former UK diplomat Charles Patron narrates how he was subjected to surveillance by the Chinese Intelligence

Rahul Gandhi and Congress party relies on NYT, twists their story to target the Modi govt on Pegasus yet again: How they are wrong

Govt has every right to use surveillance tools against enemies of nation, and it may have purchased Pegasus for the same

Conspiracy theory group claims US govt has replaced all birds with surveillance drones, asks Twitter to change its logo

Birds Aren't Real says every bird is a govt surveillance drone and every use of “bird” imagery is intentional pro-bird social programming

Australia imposes draconian measures to curb Covid-19, passes surveillance bill giving unprecedented power to cops

The Australia Government has adopted drastic measures in the name of Covid-19 that are a direct threat to democracy and freedom

Why I don’t worry about the government tapping my phone – and neither should you

The current debate on Pegasus project has nothing to do with principles, just liberal privilege. The liberal elite gets to choose the issue of the day and make us all react.

When Congress-led governments unabashedly snooped on politicians, including veteran leader Pranab Mukherjee, Amar Singh and others

The Congress-led UPA government was unapologetic in snooping on notable personalities including Pranab Mukherjee and others.

NDTV misquotes IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Pegusus row, attributes Israeli surveillance company NSO Group’s statement to him

The remark NDTV attributed to IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw was actually that of the Israeli surveillance company NSO Group

‘Only sensationalism’: IT Minister hits out at ‘The Wire’ for its report on Pegasus, says outrage a day before monsoon session ‘no coincidence’

The report by The Wire claimed that govt was using Pegasus to snoop on journalists, ministers, judges, opposition leaders and other notable personalities.

NSO Group behind Israeli spyware Pegasus considering defamation suit against The Wire over ‘outrageous allegations’: Details of their letter

The Cyber-intelligence group NSO has threatened defamation against The Wire and the writers of the Pegasus story, stating that their claims are ridiculous and unsubstantiated

Will ‘negative post’ on PM and ‘religion’ on WhatsApp invite prosecution by cybercrime dept? Viral message is hilariously fake

Viral message claims that government will now monitor social media and phone calls under the 'new communication rules'

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