Monday, November 28, 2022


Taliban takes over Afghanistan

Taliban judges asked to implement Sharia in their rulings which include public executions, floggings, stoning and amputation of limbs

Taliban has recently ordered Afghan judges to fully execute Sharia law provisions such as public executions, stoning, flogging, and amputation of limbs of persons guilty of specific offences

Taliban cheated us, butchered our hair in prison: Sikhs thank Modi govt for rescuing them from Afghanistan

Reportedly, the Taliban refused permission to the Sikhs to bring the last remaining copies of Guru Granth Sahib with them.

Afghan model arrested by Taliban for laughing at a comedian reading Quranic verses, Amnesty international demands ‘unconditional’ release

The Taliban have detained Afghan model and YouTuber Ajmal Haqiqi and three of his colleagues for insulting Islam.

No issue in sending Afghan soldiers to India for training, says son of Taliban founder Mullah Omar

The statement comes just after the Indian delegation met the Taliban leadership in Kabul.

Watch: Armed Taliban men dance inside classroom after closing girls’ school

According to the journalist, the Talibani fighters closed a girls' school and celebrated their act by dancing inside the classrooms.

Afghanistan: Taliban prevent women from boarding flights without male companions

Taliban commanders refused to let dozens of women board flights, unless they were accompanied by a male guardian.

‘Kuffar will never be happy’: Islamists slam Taliban for not being Islamic enough, condemn them for wishing on Women’s Day

Many have taken to the social networking site to accuse the Taliban regime "for not being Islamic enough" after it issued a statement on women's day

Taliban extends greetings to Afghan women on International Women’s Day, promise facilities in ‘light of Islam and accepted tradition’

The Taliban government in Afghanistan have issued a statement on International Women's Day, claiming they are committed to addressing the plight of Afghan women

Five months after taking over Afghanistan by brute force and establishing Sharia rule, Taliban calls for restraint in Russia-Ukraine conflict

Condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Taliban urged the two sides to exercise restraint and use dialogue to solve the conflict

Taliban names special military unit ‘Panipat’ invoking the victory of Ahmed Shah Abdali over Marathas in the 1761 Panipat war

Taliban has decided to name a special military unit as Panipat - in reference to 18th-century Afghan zealot Ahmed Shah Abdali

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