Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Taliban takes over Afghanistan

Watch: Taliban brutally flogs a man in public for allegedly stealing a mobile phone

A video has emerged on social media in which a man was seen getting flogged by Talibs for allegedly stealing a mobile phone.

Watch: US military expresses ‘regret’ after killing Afghan aid worker and 7 children instead of ISIS-K terrorists

Head of the US Central Command admitted that the drone strike to avenge the killing of 13 US soldiers by ISIS-K resulted in the death of civilians

Taliban sidelined Mullah Baradar at the behest of Pakistan, Mullah Mohammad Hasan Akhund chosen as PM because of his ‘better links to Islamabad’

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was physically attacked by a Haqqani Network terrorist named Khalil ul Rahman Haqqani at the Presidential Palace in Kabul.

Al-Qaeda may resurface in Afghanistan within 2 years, caution US security officials while trying to gain access back in the country

CIA's David Cohen informed that the difficult task was to timely detect when Al-Qaeda would become 'capable' to carry out attacks in USA.

Afghanistan: Taliban stops entry of female employees inside Ministry of Women Affairs

The women employees now plan to protest near the ministry against the decision of the caretaker Taliban government.

Afghanistan, France, India, Japan: Learn not to trust the USA

Liberals all over the world endorsed Joe Biden because they thought Trump was a “white supremacist.” Since coming to power, he has sidelined the only two non-white countries in his Indo-Pacific alliance.

Mullah Baradar refutes reports of clashes within Taliban, appears in interview to prove he is alive

Reportedly, Baradar and Khalil ur-Rahman Haqqani had exchanged strong words, as their followers brawled with each other nearby.

The fall of Afghanistan: How the Taliban is the sword arm of Pakistan

Since the inception of the Taliban, Pakistan has been its principal benefactor, extending emotional, moral, financial and tactical support to the terror outfit

Rajdeep Sardesai blames ‘Hindutva forces’ for Indian Muslims cheering for Taliban, how the ‘Dara Hua Musalman’ narrative is being played up

Ever since the Islamist group toppled the Afghanistan government, a certain section of Indian Muslims have been rooting for them and referring to them as some sort of saviours from the 'oppressive' American forces.

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