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BJP to celebrate 200 Years of ‘Indian Origin Tamils in Sri Lanka’, releases commemorative stamp

Tamils in Sri Lanka were taken by British rulers in 1823 as workers for plantation industry and commercial agriculture.

‘Did my little might like the Ramayana’s squirrel’: Dancer Padma Subrahmanyam narrates how she brought the Sengol to PM Modi’s notice through a letter

Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam also talked about the significance of the golden sceptre Sengol in Tamil culture which also finds mention in a Tamil epic.

‘Speak in Tamil, not Hindi’: AR Rahman tells wife not to speak in Hindi at an award function

“Good evening everyone, sorry, I can’t speak fluently in Tamil, so please excuse me. I am super super happy, excited because his voice is my favorite. I fell in love with his voice. That’s all I can say,” Saira said on stage.

Film producer Chittibabu says actress Samantha’s career is over, she gives a cryptic reply mentioning long ear hair caused by ‘increased testosterone’

Producer Chittibabu had said that the career of Samantha as a heroine is finished and she cannot get back to stardom again

Kerala: Islamists assault Tamil family, abuse women and children for celebrating Diwali- Report

The Tamil family complained to the police that they had been assaulted for lighting fireworks in celebration of Deepavali.

Tamil MPs of Sri Lanka write to PM Modi for seeking intervention in implementing the 13th amendment of Sri Lankan constitution

Tamil MPs of Sri Lanka have appealed to PM Modi to urge Sri Lankan govt to fully implement the 13th Amendment of the Constitution

How Dravidian separatists have proved themselves to be modern-day Nazis with the words they use for Tamil Brahmins

Tamil Brahmins have been compared with Jews often in public discourse and the Dravidian derision proves that they are the modern-day Nazis

Zomato fires and reinstates support agent who told a customer that Tamil Nadu restaurant owners ‘should know Hindi a little’

Angry Zomato customer takes to Twitter to lash out on company after customer care executive, who did not know Tamil, says language barrier as reason for not being able to resolve his query to his satisfaction

Justice Kirubakaran cautions against linguistic chauvinism, warns against ‘fringe elements’ wearing the mask of NGOs and human rights organisations

Justice Kirubakaran expressed concern over media reports showing links of educated and respected people of the country with the Naxal movement.

PM Modi urges Sri Lanka to fulfil the aspirations of Tamil people during his meeting with Lankan PM Mahinda Rajapaksa

PM Modi told Sri Lanka PM Mahinda Rajapaksa that he hopes Lanka govt will understand the aspirations of Tamils

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