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Tata Motors

Pune: Samosas stuffed with condoms, stones and tobacco supplied to Tata Motors canteen, Rahim Shaikh, Azhar Shaikh, Mazar Shaikh, Azar Shaikh and Vicky Shaikh...

Recently, a similar case was reported from Vadodara, Gujarat where beef was found in a samosa sample taken from a shop named 'Hussaini Samosawala' in Chipwad area

Tata Motors wins Singur case, Bengal govt asked to pay Rs 766 crore plus interest as compensation for losses incurred by the scrapped Nano...

The West Bengal govt has been told to pay Rs 766 crores plus interest to Tata for losses incurred in the scrapped Singur plant.

As Mamata Banerjee celebrates driving away Tata Motors from Singur, here is how Gujarat won over Bengal in 2008

Mamata Banerjee celebrated the hunger strike and protests that forced Tata Motors out of West Bengal.

When farmers instigated by ‘activists’ protested against Suzuki plant, read how the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi turned tide in his favour

When Suzuki plant was set to come to Hansalpur, farmers had protested against it. However, when PM Modi told them he would take the plant to some other place, some of them requested him not to do so.

Twitter user fakes ‘car for dowry for sister’s wedding’ story over ‘delayed delivery’

A Twitter user alleged his would-be brother-in-law has threatened to call off the wedding as a Tata Nexon car has not been delivered yet

Tata Group Companies led by Tata Motors register an impressive rally on the stock market, share prices rise by up to 20%

Tata Motors share price grew by 20 per cent on Wednesday to Rs 506 on the back of an Rs 7,500 crore agreement with TPG Rise Climate

As Mamata dreams of vehicle manufacturing industry, here is how she drove away Tata Motors from West Bengal back in 2008

CM Mamata Banerjee had led the protests against Tata Motors in 2008 forcing the company to move out of West Bengal.

Three years after Rahul Gandhi said Tata Motors Sanand plant turned into ash, Congress leader AR Chowdhury calls it “a model for development”

Attacking Mamata Banerjee over the Singur issue, AR Chowdhury said that the alternate site in Sanand has become a model for development

Tata’s Sanand factory working at peak capacity, after the usual suspects had predicted doom

Rahul Gandhi had claimed that Tata manufacturing plant had 'died' just because it stopped producing Nano

Tata Motors issues statement debunking Rahul Gandhi’s lies on Sanand factory

Tata Motors counters Rahul Gandhi's lie on Sanand factory

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