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Not official US policy: US clarifies after outrage in UK over American scientist’s suggestion to add salt to tea, says proper way of making...

After an American scientist suggested adding salt and lemon to milk tea, US embassy in London tells UK that it is not an official US policy

As video of Halal certified tea bags served in a train goes viral, here is why even vegetarian products are forced to get Halal...

A video of a heated exchange between an official of the Indian railways and a passenger angry after being served halal-certified tea has gone viral

Cafe on Kabristan: A restaurant in Ahmedabad where people dine among the dead and which was once frequented by painter M.F. Husain

The New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad is the world's first graveyard cafe, housing 26 graves in total

Dear WebMD, this hideous decoction is neither chai nor latte. As an Indian, I am offended

WebMD tries to pass off spiced decoction of coconut milk and maple syrup as tea and my Indian sensibilities are offended.

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