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The Tamil Nadu IT Minister said that the government will approach the Central government to ban the TikTok app
The Prime Minister on a serious note said the issue is both a problem and a solution while adding that it was not good to dissuade children from technology.
ISRO has been working steadfast, with an aim to send three Indians to space by 2022 as announced by Prime Minister Modi
The Prime Minister doesn’t mince words when he speaks of social change driven by mass movement, technology and innovation. 
Fake banking apps are available on Play Store
It is unlikely that the technology giant will launch a tiny phone on 9th October event
This technology can be used to treat textile contaminated water which is a major problem in western Rajasthan.
Baba Ramdev launched the Kimbho app as a competition to WhatsApp messenger.
This appears to be a classic case of drawing a target after the arrow has landed on a spot. 
While there's a lot of excitement around the technology, it might be some time before we see it come to fruition
Wozniak has identified the problem, we have to find the solution.
With this India becomes part of three export control groups
The digital terms which are taking the world by storm
Chief Technology Officer of the NDTV admitted that pages shouldn’t have been indexed
The partnership is bearing fruits for Indian farmers
The details and merits of the case are being missed due to outrage over 'attack on press'
A holographic figure has been recruited by the youth wing of the Communist party as their ‘youth ambassador’.
Also find out how does the whole High Speed Rail setup work
Is it ageing tracks, mindless populism by netas or just not enough tracks?
The Indian Railways must come out of the vicious cycle when it comes to its coaches
These tours also involve him expanding his thoughts about Artificial Intelligence
A look at how the technology behind Aadhaar enrollment and authentication works, and the concerns.
Messaging app and service Telegram is being used actively according to reports.
Aadhar has come under criticism over privacy concerns, but there are some cases where it has proved to be a boon.
The information has been revealed in a document retrieved by the Chhattisgarh police.

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