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Presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu sweeps the floor before offering prayers at Shiva temple, netizens react

Presidential candidate Draupadi Mumru visits her local temple, performs Seva by sweeping the floor.

PM Modi’s ‘Somnath’ moment as he unfurls the Dhwaja at Kalika temple in Pavagadh that was destroyed by Mahmood Begda

Kalika Mandir at Pavagadh was destroyed by Mahmood Begda and a dargah was constructed at the destroyed Shikhara to insult Hindus. The Mandir has now been reclaimed.

Chetan + Shut Up = Chup: Read how Chetan Bhagat gives bizarre ‘Mosples’ suggestion, cites Hagia Sophia to talk about mythical ‘conjoined past’

Talking about 'conjoined past' of Hindus and Muslims in India, Chetan Bhagat suggested Mosque+Temple hybrid structures called 'Mosples'

Karnataka: VHP demands court-appointed survey of a mosque in Malali near Mangaluru after remains of Hindu temple appeared, court starts hearing the case

When a mosque at Malali near Mangaluru was partially demolished for renovation, remains of a ancient were found

Karnataka: Another temple-like structure found under a mosque in Mangaluru, VHP plans to perform rituals

A Hindu temple-like structure was found underneath an old mosque on the outskirts of Mangaluru in April 2022

Tamil Nadu govt assures Madras HC it won’t appropriate temple funds to build senior citizen homes: Details

The TN state government had earlier ordered to use the temple funds to build the old age homes at three places.

‘If you have courage, convert Taj Mahal and Red Fort into temples’: Mehbooba Mufti challenges after petition filed to open locked rooms of Taj...

Mehbooba Mufti said, "convert Taj Mahal and Red Fort into temples, then see how many people will come to see them."

Gujarat: 40-year-old killed for performing Aarti on loudspeaker in Meldi Temple of Mahesana, six arrested

40-year-old man named Jashwantji Thakor was brutally beaten to death by members of his community for playing Aarti on a loudspeaker in Meldi Mandir of Mahesana, Gujarat.

Khalistani mob vandalise shops inside Kali temple in Patiala, attack Hindus with swords: Video goes viral

Nihang Sikhs, part of the pro-Khalistani mob that attacked the Kali temple, also stormed into the shops to assault innocent Hindu shopkeepers.

Hindu groups call for Patiala bandh after Khalistani supporters attack against Kali Temple: FIR against Khalistanis, and what Hindu leaders told OpIndia

Hindu orgs have called for Patiala Bandh, demanding the arrest of Khalistani supporters who had attacked Kali Mata Temple on Friday

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