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When a historical monument is harmed, it is not just the damage to the structure, but a massive blow to the culture, heritage and sometimes to even the civilization.
Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, Federal Minister for Pakistani Railways, commented that should anyone look at Pakistan in a negative manner, then "the eyes will be ripped out, the grass will not grow, the birds will not chirp and the bells won't toll in Temples."
Taslima lies about Hindu temples that don't allow women
Even Akhilesh Yadav government had confirmed that the reason for the murder was not caste
Earlier, the priests and the Pandalam royal family had refused to hold talks with the leftist government of Kerala.
Unless he stops with the theatrics, it is hard to take him seriously
If a temple is to be treated as a public place, how far does this argument go?
The bench ruled that the age restriction is a violation of religious rights of Hindu women
Thadani was in Kerala helping the flood relief operations
The temple management board was under scanner recently after allegations of corruption and mismanagement.
One wonders if this is 'damage control' by the Congress considering their core vote bank is indeed, the minorities. 
Mughals were no different from British who sought to enjoy the wealth of India, subjugated its population and rule the land as emperors
This incident has been reported form Agra in Uttar Pradesh
The attack on the Temple in the Netherlands appears consistent with some such attacks in India.
Earlier, the TTD administration courted controversy for allegedly appointing a non-Hindu to the Board of Trustees.
This might be notoriety of few anti-social elements, but police is not taking any chances.
The court though has ordered an inspection of the temple in January 2019
If Rahul Gandhi is the alternative, it'll be a massive beginning to an indisputable end
Shivanand Giri was given the title of Gosai in 2016, holds the degree of Jyotishacharya too
The temple was recently renovated at a cost of about SGD 4.5 million
After communalising petty crimes and fights, the mainstream media is now giving religious colours to rape incidents.
Dharma protects those who protect it
Bihar has witnessed a slew of communal violence incidents in recent days
Congress is pushing more people into the 'secular' category, its core vote bank
Sivasunder was diagnosed with impaction, he was the most celebrated elephant in Kerala
The theft of ancient idols were unnoticed for decades.

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