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Better to inaugurate weapon factory of terrorists instead of inaugurating temple or church: Old video of Islamic hate preacher Zakir Naik surfaces on social...

Zakir Naik said that there is no bigger sin than to associate one-self with non-Muslim religious places and called it shirk.

Congress Shehzada insults Rajas and Maharajas, silent of atrocities of Nawabs, Nizams, Sultans, and Badhshahs: PM Modi rips into Rahul Gandhi

Tearing into Rahul Gandhi over his remark that "Rajas and Maharajas used to take away lands", PM Modi said that doesn't speak a word on atrocities of Islamic rulers due to vote bank politics

Building a temple is another way to grab govt land: Gujarat High Court rejects petition against demolition of a temple for building road

The Gujarat High Court pointed out that the property on which the temple is located is not owned by the petitioners.

Karnataka’s Temple Tax Bill defeated in state legislative council amid opposition from BJP

After the passage of this bill in the Karnataka state legislative assembly, the BJP leaders of the state strongly opposed it.

‘Non-Hindus will not be allowed entry in all temples’: Madras HC directs TN HRCE to install boards indicating restrictions on entry of non-Hindus in...

The Madras HC directed the TN HRCE Department to install boards stating that non-Hindus are not allowed inside the temple beyond the flagpole.

PM Modi visits several temples in India ahead of Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha, here is how his temple visits have a Ramayan connect: Details

PM Modi has been visiting several revered temples in the Southern states including Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Conspicuously, his spiritual tourism follows the sequence of events in the Ramayana

Mazar in Daman’s Shiv Mandir? Structure removed after the video went viral: Mayor writes to collector seeking action

A mazar like structure was seen in a video from a Shiv Mandir in Daman. However, it was removed after the video went viral

‘INDI alliance keeps hurting our faith; they exploit temples, festivals as a means for looting’: PM Modi in Kerala

PM Modi on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on the INDI alliance, slamming it for exploiting temples and festivals as a means of plunder.

UP: Muslim mob opposes construction of temple boundary wall in Moradabad, pelts stones at police

In Moradabad, a Muslim mob pelted stones aft the police after clashes with Hindu devotees over the construction of a temple boundary wall.

As BRS promises IT clusters for minorities on Waqf land, here’s how temples in Telangana are suffocating under a piling list of land-grabbers

On 3rd October, PM Modi, while addressing a rally in Telangana’s Nizamabad remarked that the state government had captured the temples and that the temples were being looted through a conspiracy involving governments.

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