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Better to inaugurate weapon factory of terrorists instead of inaugurating temple or church: Old video of Islamic hate preacher Zakir Naik surfaces on social media

Zakir Naik said, "Construction of churches, temples or any places of worship dedicated to religions other than Islam is haram (prohibited). It's an important violation, and you will undoubtedly face consequences."

Islamic preacher and fugitive Zakir Naik who in 2016 was charged for money laundering by the authorities while he was abroad in Malaysia and didn’t return is infamous for his radical sermons to the audience. A known admirer of Osma bin Laden and defender of Al-Qaeda, he became a permanent resident in the Southeast Asian country. Now, an old video of his is again doing the rounds on social media in which he can be heard declaring that it is better to work in a company which makes weapons for terrorists rather than be employed at one which constructs a temple, in answer to a religious query.

He first quoted a verse from the Quran and stated, “Help one another in righteousness and piety but do not help one another in sin, transgression and rancour,” implying that it is completely prohibited in Islam to be involved in the construction of a religious site for a non-Muslim. He then mentioned, “You are well aware of the fact that it was a location of shirk (idolatry, polytheism or association with God) which is a major sin. Will you be held responsible for this? Of course, according to the Quran. It’s similar to you asking me whether I can work for a business that makes alcohol, which you know is wrong, or if I can work for a company that makes narcotics like cocaine, marijuana, brown sugar and other substances which will kill thousands of people. While it is a serious transgression to work for a firm that distributes drugs and alcohol, it is even worse to be part of a corporation that is constructing a temple. Since shirk is the greatest sin in Islam, as we all know.”

He stressed, “Therefore, you cannot in any manner assist in the construction of a house of worship or work for a business that engages in shirk. Construction of churches, temples or any places of worship dedicated to religions other than Islam is haram (prohibited). It’s an important violation, and you will undoubtedly face consequences. I would suggest that you decline this opportunity. You are free to accept any other job that is halal (permissible). Regretfully, you’ll discover that many Muslim politicians nowadays, over the globe, enjoy attending church and temple inauguration ceremonies to demonstrate their secularism and tolerance. Attending a temple or church’s consecration ceremony does not in any way make one tolerant. It is nothing more than aiding each other in trespassing and shirk, the most severe sin in Islam. Imagine a Muslim politician visiting a plant that produces weapons for terrorists. It’s far better to attend the opening of such a factory for terrorists who kill thousands of innocent human beings than it is to join the opening of a church or temple as shirk, the primary infraction in Islam, is committed there.”

He again cited the Quran and added, “Allah is quite unambiguous. Any sin can be pardoned by Allah at his discretion, but never shirk which is the most horrible sin. Anyone who has engaged in shirk has gone too far. Anyone who has engaged in shirk has gone too far. Therefore, I do concur with you that you shouldn’t accept this position. You are free to look for a better work and your rizq (livelihood) is guaranteed because Allah has already recorded the rizq fifty thousand years before the earth and heaven were created. One dirham will not be given to you in excess or in shortage. Allah is testing you to see if you will accept rizq if he bestows it upon you via a significant breach. Allah is evaluating you to determine if you will accept the job or not. It would be preferable for you to decline it. I will pray to Allah to grant you a halal job that is far better than this one, and Inshallah (God willing), he will give you a better one.”

Notably, the statement was in response to a man named Mohammad Zeeshan who was living in Saudi Arabia and asked, “For the last few months, I have been trying for a job opportunity in the UAE and finally, I got it. But now it has come to my knowledge that the project that I have to work on is a temple. It’s a Mandir. I was just curious to ask that if I work on that project would I be a participant in this wrongdoing of building a place where shirk would be promoted and shall I be held accountable for it? Kindly, guide me on this. I would love to work in the UAE but I can’t go against Allah, the most merciful and all-knowing.”

OpIndia has found that the original video is at least nine months old and was published by a few Islamic channels including popular Huda TV. His entire reply can be watched below:

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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