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The Caravan

Irony: Islamist outfit ‘Indian American Muslim Council’ finds the use of term ‘Hindu Americans’ divisive

HAF asked how an organisation with the words 'American Muslim' in it was objecting to the term 'Hindu American.'

As Rocketry becomes a major success, The Caravan replugs its old article to once again slander Nambi Narayanan

Caravan decided to replug its article from the magazine's November 2020 edition which portrays Nambi Narayanan as a spy who sold Indian space secrets to foreigners

Srinagar police initiate probe against Caravan Magazine’s reporter Shahid Tantray for giving targets to terrorists with his reporting

Srinagar police confirmed that a probe has been initiated against a reporter from The Caravan for his mischievous article.

The Atlantic, Caravan Magazine columnist goes hysterical, calls Indian diaspora ‘termites’ over ‘Hindu homeland’ rant

Vidya Krishnan, columnist with The Atlantic and Caravan Magazine, goes on hysterical rant against Indian diaspora, calls them 'termites'

‘Outside the spirit of the constitution’: Caravan Editor declares democratically elected Modi Govt ‘unconstitutional’

Caravan Editor Hartosh Singh Bal, speaking at an event on Saturday, declared that the NDA Government is "unconstitutional".

Central govt does not nominate members to Press Council of India, sources clarify after outrage over nomination of The Caravan’s Vinod K Jose

Press Council of India is a quasi judicial body that is functionally independent of Government of India.

The Caravan’s Vinod K Jose nominated for Press Council of India, Netizens outrage: Details

Netizens expressed their displeasure over the nominations for the reconstituted Press Council of India which included Vinod K Jose

After Congress toolkit specifically mentioned The Caravan, its columnist peddles old article to defame Gujarat

Columnist of the news website 'The Caravan' - Salil Tripathi - posted a three-year old news report to defame Gujarat government.

‘If friendly media does not publish, send it to Caravan and National Herald’: Congress’ modus operandi as per toolkit

The fifth page which is in continuation to point VII of the document recommends using media organizations such as ThePrint, The Wire, Scroll, The Quint and Outlook to highlight and publicize all Covid related stories.

Defence analyst Nitin Gokhale and journalist Ashutosh say they will sue Caravan India for allegedly misquoting them: Details

The article in Caravan magazine, written by its editor Hartosh Singh Bal, claims that the government's move to regulate fake news and web portals is aimed to act against people who are writing against the government.

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