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The Caravan

The Caravan paints Nuh Violence as ‘Anti-Muslim’ and blames Hindus for starting it; questions why FIRs filed only against Muslims

The Caravan liberally obfuscated hard-hitting facts about the Nuh violence that would have pinned the blame at the feet of Islamists.

The Caravan’s designer who stole artwork had earlier used Ganesh ji’s idol while referring to ‘sab but uthwaye jaayenge’ poem by Faiz

After The Caravan named and shamed him for stealing another artist's artwork without giving them credit or taking permission, Samyak Prajapati, NID student of Visual Arts, has removed the other illustration he had uploaded for The Caravan in December 2022.

The Caravan steals artwork of Netherlands based artist in latest issue attacking Dr Jaishankar

Dr Jaishankar has come under fire by the leftist cabal after he criticised American billionaire George Soros for trying to interfere in India's internal affairs right before 2024 general elections in what appears like meddling in electoral politics in India.

Irony: Islamist outfit ‘Indian American Muslim Council’ finds the use of term ‘Hindu Americans’ divisive

HAF asked how an organisation with the words 'American Muslim' in it was objecting to the term 'Hindu American.'

As Rocketry becomes a major success, The Caravan replugs its old article to once again slander Nambi Narayanan

Caravan decided to replug its article from the magazine's November 2020 edition which portrays Nambi Narayanan as a spy who sold Indian space secrets to foreigners

Srinagar police initiate probe against Caravan Magazine’s reporter Shahid Tantray for giving targets to terrorists with his reporting

Srinagar police confirmed that a probe has been initiated against a reporter from The Caravan for his mischievous article.

The Atlantic, Caravan Magazine columnist goes hysterical, calls Indian diaspora ‘termites’ over ‘Hindu homeland’ rant

Vidya Krishnan, columnist with The Atlantic and Caravan Magazine, goes on hysterical rant against Indian diaspora, calls them 'termites'

‘Outside the spirit of the constitution’: Caravan Editor declares democratically elected Modi Govt ‘unconstitutional’

Caravan Editor Hartosh Singh Bal, speaking at an event on Saturday, declared that the NDA Government is "unconstitutional".

Central govt does not nominate members to Press Council of India, sources clarify after outrage over nomination of The Caravan’s Vinod K Jose

Press Council of India is a quasi judicial body that is functionally independent of Government of India.

The Caravan’s Vinod K Jose nominated for Press Council of India, Netizens outrage: Details

Netizens expressed their displeasure over the nominations for the reconstituted Press Council of India which included Vinod K Jose

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