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The Hindu

The Hindu alters Rahul Gandhi’s remarks about OBC MPs and Murtis in temples to save Congress scion from appearing Hinduphobic

This was deliberately reported in a manner so as not to present Rahul Gandhi as a Hinduphobic leader as reflected in his original statement.

As the NewsClick scandal becomes bigger, read what UK Parliamentary Report reveals and how The Hindu’s China connections need to be urgently probed too

While NewsClick is in the spotlight for the funding it got from China, it is important that The Hindu is probed for the same crime

After whining about Rahul Gandhi’s video being ‘algorithmically suppressed’, Congress celebrates his mythical YouTube success: What the real numbers say

The Hindu published an article hailing the social media connect of Rahul Gandhi and talking about how his YouTube channel has zoomed ahead.

Mischievous, distortion of facts: Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam rubbishes The Hindu report questioning the Sengol history, says comments taken out of context

The Adheenam accused The Hindu of publishing misleading and misrepresenting facts on the Sengol history

‘Scope for my editorial views shrinking’ – Malini Parthasarathy resigns from the board of The Hindu Group Publishing

Malini Parthasarathy resigned from The Hindu stating that scope for her efforts has narrowed

The Hindu contradicts itself on Sengol to be placed in the new parliament, claims govt’s version is baseless after publishing the same claims

After narrating how the Chola sceptre Sengol was used as a symbol of power from British to India, The Hindu now questions the same claims to attack the govt

How AltNews manipulated an apolitical NGO in Kolkata helping educate kids: ‘Claims of AltNews association a lie, we were misled’, says NGO to OpIndia

Pratik Sinha, co-founder of AltNews claimed that under AltED, they had taught digital literacy to kids in Kolkata - turns out- he lied about a lot

170 years of Indian Railways and The Hindu: 3 racist, elitist op-eds that denigrate Indians who use Railways simply to peddle anti-Modi agenda

On April 16, 2023 Indian Railways completed 170 years and in their Sunday magazine published on the same day, The Hindu published three long articles.

Karnataka: Murder-accused Congress candidate, who is barred from his constituency by SC, gets praised by The Hindu for his virtual campaigning

Vinay Kulkarni is the Congress candidate from the Dharwad assembly constituency. He is accused in the Yogesh Gowda murder case of 2016.

Delhi-based The Hindu journalist found dead in Indore

The Hindu journalist S Dinakar was found unconscious in his hotel room on Monday, March 6, where he had gone to cover India vs Australia Test Match

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