Friday, July 30, 2021


The Hindu

Malini Parthasarathi vows to restore the credibility of The Hindu, which had earlier printed manipulated Rafale documents by N Ram

N Ram says Malini Parthasarathy meeting PM Modi has squandered away the reputation of The Hindu, Malini responds

The Hindu journalist offers bizarre justification after their February prediction on vaccination proved to be wrong

The Hindu had claimed that India can't administer 400 covid-19 vaccine doses by July 2021, which was achieved by 17th July

Left-wing outlet The Hindu kneels before Chinese money, puts full-page advertorial celebrating 100 years of Communist Party of China

The Hindu has published multiple editorials praising Xi Jinping and the CCP, not to mention full page advertorials paid for by the Chinese.

Government debunks propaganda article published in The Hindu on the surge in FDI inflows for 2020-21: Details

GoI has debunked the propaganda article published in The Hindu on 2 June 2021 over the surge in FDI inflows

The Hindu’s ‘fact-check’ about PM Modi’s address to the nation on vaccines is flawed and self-contradictory. Details

The Hindu recently published an article to assert that India never ,lacked access to vaccines. However there were glaring loopholes in it.

The Hindu’s claims about ‘minor faceoff’ with Chinese PLA in the Galwan Valley debunked by the Indian Army

"The article (by The Hindu ) seems to be inspired by sources who may be trying to derail the ongoing process for early resolution of issues in Eastern Ladakh," the Indian army emphasised.

The Hindu quietly changes headline after columnist calls Tejasvi Surya a virus: Here are her previous problematic comments

The Hindu published an opinion-editorial by columnist Vaishna Roy on Friday where it called BJP MP Tejasvi Surya a virus.

Media spreads fake news again, falsely accuses BJP of attacking TMC candidate: Here is what really happened according to their own video

The video is related to an incident involving Trinamool candidate from Arambagh Sujata Mondal Khan and TMC workers.

DMK leader Kanimozhi ‘elected’ as the president of The Hindu’s employees’ union, netizens ask whether the publication is a ‘Godi media’

Malini Parthasarathy, the Chairperson of The Hindu Publishing Group (THGPPL), took to Twitter to say she was delighted that the DMK leader has been re-elected President of The Hindu Office and National Press Employees Union.

The Hindu ‘journalist’ Suhasini Haidar puts out misinformation about ISRO satellite launch: Read details

Suhasini Haidar, National Editor of 'The Hindu', put out false information on social media in attempt to mislead the public.

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