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In March, the controversial left-wing lawyer Prashant Bhushan wanted to file an eight-page note, which was allegedly "stolen" from the defence ministry and later published by N Ram of the Hindu.
The Union government represented by Attorney General KK Venugopal had argued that the review petition should be dismissed at the preliminary stage itself because they were based on "stolen" documents published in newspapers like The Hindu.
The Hindu, after getting caught for deliberately cropping off an internal note of the Ministry of Defense to do a hit job against the Narendra Modi government, the media organisation has yet again resorted to peddling half-truths
The Hindu and Prashant Bhushan violated Official Secrets Act by accessing classified Rafale documents, govt submitted in Supreme Court.
Comparison of Hindu document with ANI document shows that Hindu had doctored the Rafale dissent note
Air Marshal Sinha has questioned the selective appearance of such dubious notes and has asserted that its singular aim is to malign the Rafale Deal
N Ram publishes more lies about the Rafale deal in The Hindu
The Congress President had used the slanted The Hindu report which presented a distorted version of events to claim that Narendra Modi had stolen Rs. 30,000 crores.
The Hindu article gets its facts wrong and makes a blunder in analysing them
In a point by point response, the Ministry of Defence spokesperson has rubbished The Hindu article about the Rafale deal written by N Ram. Read the full statement here
N Ram of The Hindu has not only stolen another journalist's work on Rafale and called it his own, but he has also skewed his work to give it a narrative spin that suits him
The East Coast Railways Spokesperson has said that no trees were felled to make a temporary helipad for Prime Minister Modi in Odisha, only some shrubs and saplings were removed
Cloaking data to subtly further a motivated agenda is not only unethical but also extremely dangerous
Another ‘confusion’. Shame on anybody who tried to stoke a controversy over this.
With the race to 2019 general elections heating up and 5 states heading to polls before 2019, the media seems to be in overdrive
The Hindu tweeted in support of Umar Khalid before deleting it and issuing an apology.
While our best film-makers remain busy filming eulogies for convicted criminals, the Indian right-wing awaits its own Clint Eastwood
Foreigners got about 25% of all heart transplants and 33% of lung transplants in the last year.
A discreet inquiry by intelligence agencies has revealed it as per a Hindu Report
When the torch bearers of secular liberal cabal mocks nationalism and label it as jingoism, they are not joking.
Mainstream media reports tried to hide the religious nature of the NGO
Once is a mistake.. Twice is a pattern.. Thrice is a habit.
How the 'fake news' about Dadri lynching accused getting government jobs spread.
It was Siddharth Varadarajan who once threatened the public's right to know
Business page of The Hindu newspaper gave prominence to an article, which made no logical conclusion.
The show-cause notice follows a complaint from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Astounding that a person with scant regard for facts is the Deputy Editor of The Hindu
PM Modi was hitting back at critics over GDP data
Readers are angry, but the elitist mediapersons remain unapologetic.

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