Monday, May 20, 2024


the independent

British publication publishes blatant lies on Hindus, inadvertently ends up calling the Gandhis ‘useless’, withdraws article, blames ‘bigoted Hindus’

Sunny Hundal of The Independent, who has been closely associated with George Soros funded openDemocracy, wrote long thread on 'threats' received by some random woman named Smriti Singh in UK for an article with calls the Gandhis useless and blames it on 'Hindus'.

Journo with Independent shares fake, photoshopped tweet to defame columnist Shefali Vaidya, brazens it out even after being caught

Stuti Mishra shared fake tweet of Shefali Vaidya to imply that those calling to boycott Tanishq can’t afford products of the company

Mumbai or Bombay – The Independent’s stunt

A poorly thought, lazy exhibit of liberalism

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