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From ThePrint to Pakistan, Muslim victimhood and false narrative on Delhi anti-Hindu Riots gets fanned by Reuters just in time for Lok Sabha elections

The Print published a wire report issued by Reuters that focused solely on the alleged Muslim victims of the Delhi Riots 2020, just before Delhi voted. The report was a clear attempt to paint a picture of unilateral suffering and victimhood.

Bittu Bajrangi’s brother dies after battling for his life for a month, leftists and Islamists like Zubair had claimed that he faked his assault

While Mahesh Panchal, Bittu Bajrangi's brother, was battling for his life with 60 per cent burns on his body, the leftist media houses and the usual set of Islamists and liberals had gone to peddle blatant lies regarding the attack on the Hindu activist's brother

The Print rekindles fake news about Periyar, calls him ‘South Indian Socrates” which Dravidians falsely claim was a title conferred by UNESCO

Similarly, in February 2021, another such lie glorifying Periyar was busted. Dravidian followers claimed that Periyar was conferred with the Tamrapatra award for his contribution to the Indian freedom movement.

‘Missing brain cells’: The Print columnist Shivam Vij trolled for asking why 15.5 per cent of upper caste in Bihar has a 50 per...

The Print columnist Shivam Vij implied that 50 per cent of unreserved seats are meant only for general category.

‘Any challenge to West is dismissed as Hindutva conspiracy’: Indian mathematician tears into The Print for distorting facts and journalistic malpractice

Professor Raju accuses The Print of publishing a defamatory article by distorting his claims and insinuating that he is a Hindutva Conspiracy theorist.

ThePrint ‘journalist’ Jyoti Malhotra claims people in non-BJP states can walk and talk freely vis à vis a BJP-ruled state: Here is how she’s...

Jyoti Malhotra, a senior journalist with Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint claims that the freedom of speech and dissent is being clamped down in BJP ruled states

Kalakshetra row: How leftist publications and intellectuals used an alleged case of sexual harassment to attack Hindu traditions

The Print and The News Minute attacked the Hindu tradition of 'guru-shishya parampara' under the pretext of reporting on allegations of sexual misconduct at the Kalakshetra Foundation.

Twitter erupts with jokes after discovering that The Print’s founder Shekhar Gupta follows soft-porn account ‘Neeta Bhabhi’

People are giving all sorts of reactions after seeing the screenshot of Shekhar Gupta's following list. Some are calling him a tharki old man while others are calling it a natural phenomenon.

The Print tries to whitewash the violent Goan inquisition by Portuguese invaders. Here is the truth that the publication tried to gloss over

Anirudh Kanisetti portrayed the appropriation of Hindu deities to further predatory Christian evangelist practices as a noble gesture.

Dear Vir Sanghvi, painting Indians as the worst due to a peeing incident is like painting all journalists corrupt due to the Radia tapes,...

In 2010, Niira Radia tape controversy had broken out where at least three journalists were found allegedly hobnobbing with the lobbyist who appeared to be using journalists as brokers to secure a good deal for her clients.

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