Wednesday, March 22, 2023


The Print

Twitter erupts with jokes after discovering that The Print’s founder Shekhar Gupta follows soft-porn account ‘Neeta Bhabhi’

People are giving all sorts of reactions after seeing the screenshot of Shekhar Gupta's following list. Some are calling him a tharki old man while others are calling it a natural phenomenon.

The Print tries to whitewash the violent Goan inquisition by Portuguese invaders. Here is the truth that the publication tried to gloss over

Anirudh Kanisetti portrayed the appropriation of Hindu deities to further predatory Christian evangelist practices as a noble gesture.

Dear Vir Sanghvi, painting Indians as the worst due to a peeing incident is like painting all journalists corrupt due to the Radia tapes,...

In 2010, Niira Radia tape controversy had broken out where at least three journalists were found allegedly hobnobbing with the lobbyist who appeared to be using journalists as brokers to secure a good deal for her clients.

The Print columnist challenges people to ‘prove him wrong’ that India’s most popular games do not involve touch, netizens oblige

Dilip Mandal claimed that popular sports in India do not involve human touch, netizens teach him about Kabaddi and Kushti

As Shiv Sainiks go on a rampage vandalising offices of rebel MLAs, here is how a sympathetic ‘journalist’ working for ThePrint defends their violence

While the Shiv Sainiks continue to resort to vandalism to intimidate the MLAs, Hemant Desai, a senior 'journalist' working for The Print openly expressed his sympathy for them

Shekhar Gupta’s The Print blames ‘lower caste’ Hindus for Jahangirpuri violence to whitewash stone pelting on Hanuman Jayanti procession

The Print tries to absolve Muslim mobs that pelted stones at the Hindus, blames 'lower-caste' Hindus from Bengal for Jahangirpuri violence

ORF VP slams Shekhar Gupta’s The Print for cheap clickbait headlines twisting ORF research data

Vice President of ORF Shamika Ravi slammed Shekhar Gupta's web portal The Print for reducing ORF research to a cheap clickbait headline.

Islamists troll former The Print journalist Shahbaz Ansar and his OnlyFans content creator wife for posting Holi pics

Shahbaz Ansar had shared an image of playing with colours with his wife Khyati Shree on Holi, but Islamists didn't like it

‘The Kashmir Files’ director Vivek Agnihotri to get ‘Y’ category security, action taken amidst increased threat perception

Vivek Agnihotri will get 8 CRPF soldiers and 2 commandos, in addition to police guards under the 'Y' category security.

Editors Guild’s ‘casteist’ member Dilip Mandal lies that Chennai is the only city among metros to appoint a Dalit woman mayor: Here’s the truth

Netizens called out ThePrint columnist Dilip Mandal for spreading fake news that TN under MK Stalin is the first state to ever get a Dalit woman Mayor

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