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The United States

US House passes Quad Bill to strengthen cooperation with partner countries, working group to be formed with Japan, Australia and India

The United States House of Representatives on Thursday (local time) passed the ‘Quad Bill’ which aims to establish a working group for bolstering cooperation between the partner countries.

Americans call for ban on TikTok after thousands of youths share Osama Bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’ supporting his views

American TV personality and former Chairman of advertising firm Deutsch Inc, Donny Deutsch said that around 51 percent of the young Americans sided with Laden for attacking the Twin tower.

22 killed, 50 injured in Lewiston as US Army Reserve firearms instructor Robert Card goes on a shooting spree, FBI ready to assist investigation

Lewiston police stated that they are seeking a car with a black front bumper in connection with the ongoing gunshots in the city. In addition to local police, the FBI and US Homeland Security have offered assistance in the case of the horrific shooting.

Discrimination based on caste is already prohibited under law: California Governor Gavin Newsom returns Hinduphobic bill SB403, dubs it unnecessary

Hindu groups that were fighting against the passage of bill SB403 applauded the Governor's decision to use his veto and return it.

Indonesia denies issuing joint statement with US Defence Secretary as claimed by the Pentagon, says it seeks friendship with Russia and China

During Subianto's visit to the United States on August 24, Indonesia agreed to strengthen military cooperation, including joint war drills and further US arms sales.

Fewer takers for Biden? ‘The Donald’ trumps Biden’s treasure chest in the 2nd quarter of fundraising campaign for 2024 US Elections

Donald Trump has raised more than $22 million in the second quarter of the fundraising campaign taking him slightly ahead of incumbent President Joe Biden who has until now raised $20 million in funds

American diplomat attempts to meddle in India’s internal affairs amid ongoing burqa row, earlier Pakistan too tried to interfere

Interestingly, the coordinated attempts by foreign powers, especially Pakistan and America, comes just a year after Rahul Gandhi had asked for American interference in India's internal matters.

US defence analyst Sarah Chayes explains how Pakistan’s ISI ran a sophisticated campaign for reinstalling the Taliban in power

A top US Defence expert believes Pakistan's ISI was complicit in the Taliban's resurgence to power in Afghanistan

The Secret War: How a 2012 documentary revealed Pakistan was supporting Taliban and American soldiers knew it

A documentary released by the Frontline in 2012 laid bare the complicity of Pakistan in nurturing and harbouring Talibani terrorists against the US forces, while taking money from the US and pretending to be an ally.

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