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American diplomat attempts to meddle in India’s internal affairs amid ongoing burqa row, earlier Pakistan too tried to interfere

Interestingly, the coordinated attempts by foreign powers, especially Pakistan and America, comes just a year after Rahul Gandhi had asked for American interference in India's internal matters.

US defence analyst Sarah Chayes explains how Pakistan’s ISI ran a sophisticated campaign for reinstalling the Taliban in power

A top US Defence expert believes Pakistan's ISI was complicit in the Taliban's resurgence to power in Afghanistan

The Secret War: How a 2012 documentary revealed Pakistan was supporting Taliban and American soldiers knew it

A documentary released by the Frontline in 2012 laid bare the complicity of Pakistan in nurturing and harbouring Talibani terrorists against the US forces, while taking money from the US and pretending to be an ally.

Kabul airport explosion: US President Joe Biden gives clean chit to Taliban, says no evidence to point towards the group’s collusion with ISIS

Thirteen US Marines and at least 60 Afghans were killed in two bombing attacks carried outside by ISIS outside the Kabul airport

Fall of Saigon: When the US suffered a humiliating loss in Vietnam, and why Kabul is a reminder

The evacuation of US embassy personnel in Kabul echoes with the withdrawal of the United States from Vietnam's Saigon in 1975

The USA faces a fresh Covid-19 surge powered by Delta variant, hospitals in southern states run out of beds

The southern states of the US states are witnessing a fresh surge of COVID-19, driven by the highly transmissible Delta variant

Reddit controlled by American military-industrial complex? The troubling history of war hawk Jessica Ashooh, the policy director of the platform

In 2020, Director of Policy Jessica Ashooh oversaw the banning of over 2000 Reddit communities in a single day.

Florida: Black man hurls anti-Semitic slurs at a rabbi, leaves faeces outside a Jewish synagogue

A man yelled racist slurs at a rabbi and dropped a bag full of faeces outside a synagogue in Florida in the United States.

US govt officials purchased body parts of aborted babies for ‘science’, reveals emails between FDA officials and human tissue procurement firm

The US FDA made payments to human tissue procurement firm ABR for body parts of aborted babies from Planned Parenthood

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