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TheWire is a primarily English language opinion website started by Siddharth Varadarajan, MK Venu and one more random guy. The primary raison d’être of TheWire seems to be to continue getting money from the Anti-modi lobby and old establishment guard after Varadarajan and co were cut off from the gravy train post Modi win. As an example Sid Varadarajan made a lot of money appearing on Rajya Sabha – the kind of money even private channels cannot afford to give to guests. No price for guessing that Rajya Sabha was under Hamid Ansari at that time who has been accused by rAW officers of being a mole and a traitor.

Since the beginning, most of TheWire’s writeups have been focused on Modi and to fuel communal sentiments by fueling paranoia in minority communities based on many false news and manufactured propaganda.

On this page, you can find our collection of some of these propaganda pieces and our rebuttal and fact checks of them.




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