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‘The Wire’ columnist gives dangerous spin to Islamist terror attack in Reasi, attacks those creating awareness through #AllEyesOnReasi

Tanushree Pandey, who had previously tweeted about the Israeli airstrike in Rafah with the hashtag '#AllEyesOnRafah, attacked those posting about the plight of Hindu pilgrims in Reasi.

The Wire changes their voter turnout report after fake news was caught, comes up with hilarious update claiming 11 crore is less than 9...

9,13,79,409 electors cast their votes in the first phase of 2019 polls, while 11,00,52,103 votes were cast in the first phase of 2024 polls, Wire claims this is a dip of 1.86 crore votes

Simple Maths again stumps alleged ‘journalists’: Read hilarious truth about alleged claim of ‘The Wire’ that 19 crore less voters cast their votes in...

As per the voter turnout data, there were 71,14,40,983 total voters in 2019 in the conituencies that are in the first five phases of 2024 out of which 48,47,07,015 exercised their right to vote. That means 68.13% voting. In 2024, there were 76,40,80,337 out of which 50,72,97,288 voters exercised their right to vote. That makes 66.39% voting.

Fact check: The Wire peddles ‘Darr ka Mahol’ narrative in Srinagar amid elections, Arfa Khanum Sherwani lies about shops being shut without formal orders

Arfa Khanum Sherwani spread misleading information about polling in Srinagar as J&K Government's order clearly mentioned that under Section 135B of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, paid holidays should be observed in the regions as per the polling schedule. For Srinagar, the order specifically mentioned the date of polling which was 13th May (Monday).

The Wire passes off the obvious about Adani-Israel JV as a great investigation, but there is a more sinister plan behind it: Here is...

Back in 2018, it was reported that Adani Group had received an order to manufacture Hermes 900 UAVs for the Israeli Defence Forces. Thus, The Wire is somehow 'investigating' something that is already out in open.

My message distorted: ‘Journalist’ Karan Thapar reacts to Jai Anant Dehadrai’s post saying Thapar tried to protect Shashi Tharoor in a molestation case

Karan Thapar has seemingly admitted the veracity and content of the purported chat with Jai Anant Dehardai regarding Shashi Tharoor and alleged that his message was ‘distorted’ and ‘misconstrued’.

‘Command’ & ‘Communication’ not same, this is master-slave bus: ECI schools Left-wing propagandist Ravi Nair on the basics of EVM and English language

Responding to ulterior motives of Ravi Nair casting aspersions on EVM cloaked as “logical questions”, the ECI explained factual inaccuracies in his post.

‘No mention of 23 crops, formula in manifesto’: Interview of Congress leader with The Wire shows party backtracking on Rahul Gandhi’s MSP promise

Praveen Chakravarty failed to name specific crops that the Congress party plans to procure at MSP if it is elected to power.

Kapil Sibal repeats opposition lies on electoral bonds in an interview with The Wire, claims Future Gaming, which made largest donation to TMC &...

Kapil Sibal was essentially, attempting to peddle the same conspiracy theory that the entire leftist ecosystem has been peddling that BJP extorted money in form of electoral bonds from firms like Future Gaming and Hotel Services to provide legal security or frame favourable laws

‘I forgot because of Covid’: How NDTV, propagandists and left-liberals promoted journalist Poonam Agarwal’s lies on Electoral Bonds

Poonam Agarwal admitted to lying about not buying Electoral Bond in 2020 and claimed she "forgot" about it because of Covid.

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