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US House passes bill that could lead to ban on Chinese app TikTok

The bill passed 360-58 marks the latest defeat for TikTok in the US, as the social media company with 170 million users in the US fights for survival

‘Either sell TikTok or get banned’: US House of Representatives passes bill targeting Chinese company ByteDance

The bill was passed with a overwhelming majority, supported by both Democrats and Republicans. The bill still needs to be cleared by the Senate and get approved by the President to become a law in USA.

Sacha Baron Cohen and other Jewish celebrities slam TikTok for promoting people supporting Osama Bin Laden in meeting with the app’s officials

Jewish actor Sacha Baron Cohen slammed TikTok for allegedly creating “the biggest antisemitic movement since the Nazis.

Indonesia: TikToker with over 2 million followers jailed for saying ‘Bismillah’ before eating ‘crispy-skin pork’. Read what happened

The 33-year-old TikToker Lina Lutfiawati was jailed for 'blasphemy' by the court in Indonesia for a video she posted wherein she was heard saying 'bismillah' before eating 'crispy skin pork'

United States: TikTok’s ‘boat jumping’ challenge claims 4 lives in Alabama, officials urge people to stay away from it

Fatal deaths caused by TikTok challenge called the 'boat jumping challenge' occurred in Alabama in USA

UK’s data privacy watchdog slaps fine of 12.7 million pound on Tiktok for allowing kids on the platform and misusing their data

Tiktok fined by the UK's privacy watchdog with a fine of $15.9 million for failing to block users under the age of 13 and exploiting their data

France becomes the latest country to ban the Chinese social media app TikTok on phones of govt officials over security risks

France has banned the Chinses video sharing app TikTok on the professional phones of civil servants

New Zealand to ban TikTok on parliament-linked devices after the UK banned the Chinese app on govt phones, both cite security concerns

The New Zealand Government is banning TikTok on all parliament linked devices after UK govt banned it on all govt devices

Viral video shows a Muslim kid reciting 10 qualities of ‘gunahgar auratein’. Here is what the Quran says about women in general

The viral video claims that bad women are those who keep their hair uncovered and step out of homes without reason.

As China bans women from modelling for lingerie, male models wear push-up bras and corsets on live-stream shopping events

After several companies were banned for featuring women modelling for lingerie in live-stream shopping in China, companies are using male models

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