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European Union asks employees to remove Chinese app TikTok from their devices over security concerns

The European Commission has banned staff from using the Chinese social media app TikTok over security concerns. On Thursday morning, it was mandated that all employees uninstall TikTok from their official devices as well as any personal devices on which they may have installed any work-related apps.

Meet Brennan Baby, the Ugandan TikTok and Instagram influencer who wears blue lipstick and runs away crying in slow motion

Blue-lipstick wearing influencer Brennan Baby from Uganda runs in slow-motion in his videos portraying girl cheated by her boyfriend

ByteDance, TikTok’s owner and Meta, Facebook’s parent company to compete in virtual reality segment

ByteDance's acquisition of Pico, a Chinese startup making VR headsets triggered a new competition with Meta, whose Instagram and Facebook services have been battling for users and advertising dollars against TikTok as the short-video app soared in popularity.

‘My gender is emotions of straight people being utterly confused’: ‘Non-binary bio male’ expresses euphoria over ambiguity of gender expression

A self-described non-binary biological male took to Twitter to glee over confounding people with gender non-conformity.

TikTok employees were spying on US journalists, illegally obtaining data of US TikTokers, internal investigation finds

ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of TikTok, said on Thursday that an internal investigation found that employees had inappropriately obtained the data of US TikTok users

South Korea: Three weeks after tragic stampede that killed 158 people, ‘Itaewon crush’ becomes a macabre school game and TikTok trend

In a disturbing trend, children in South Korea are turning the tragic October 29 stampede in the country's capital of Seoul during the Halloween festival into a game.

Chinese app TikTok may be fined to the tune of $29 million for not protecting the privacy of children. Here is what we know...

The provisional findings against TikTok came a year after Britain introduced the Children's Code, a data protection code of practice for online services accessed by children.

USA: FDA warns against TikTok challenge of cooking chicken in NyQuil cough syrup, says it is dangerous even if not eaten

FDA said that boiling NyQuil cough syrup make it much more concentrated and change its properties in other ways

BJP Mahila Morcha leader and TikTok star Sonali Phogat dies of a heart attack, had contested 2019 polls on BJP ticket from Adampur seat...

In December 2016, Sonali Phogat's husband Sanjay Phogat had been found dead at their farmhouse under mysterious circumstances. She is survived by her daughter Yashodhara Phogat.

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