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TikTok promotes engineering and maths in China, while making youth in other countries addicted to twerking and porn

Compared to the content that the users in the West see on TikTok, what it promotes in China is completely on the other side of the spectrum.

New York ‘influencer’ says spending parents’ money is her job, spends 50,000 USD in a day on Gucci, Prada, Dior

The "stay-at-home daughter" has stated that spending her parents' money is like a full-time professional job for her.

Khatron Ke Khiladi ropes in TikTok star who propagated ‘revenge’ for Tabrez Ansari’s death

Along with TikToker and Instagram influencer Mr Faisu, 'comedian' Munawar Faruqui will also be part of the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi

Donald Trump’s Truth Social beats Twitter and TikTok on Apple Store

Truth Social was announced by former US President Donald Trump after he was deplatformed from Twitter following the Capitol Hill siege last year.

Ukraine: Authorities detain a social media user for sharing military locations on TikTok

Russia allegedly used information from a TikTok video to attack Ukrainian forces stationed near a shopping centre in Kyiv

Kili and Neema Paul – Know about the popular TikTok users from Tanzania who were praised by PM Modi in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’...

Kili and Neema Paul are popular TikTok users from Tanzania who dance to the tunes of Hindi songs while lip syncing, earning many Indian fans for them.

Pakistani TikToker Hareem Shah releases video with botched up lip job: How, because of FIA, she had to leave procedure midway

In a video that she reportedly shot while she was in the UK, Hareem showed her botched up, incomplete lip job.

TikTok Japan accused of ‘stealth marketing’ for secretly paying influencers to boost content: Details

TikTok claimed that it did not find it necessary to inform about the PR activities, given that the objective of pushing the sponsored content was not to increase app downloads.

Challan, not lugai: UP cops fine Kanpur youth Khalid to the tune of ₹14K for driving to Bollywood music without a helmet

Some media houses wrongly reported Khalid was fined Rs 9,000 for violations of the act, but he admitted that he was fined Rs 14,000 and he had paid the amount.

Janghia Challenge: Watch this Pakistani man jump right into an underwear held by his friends, evokes hilarious reactions

A video has gone viral on social media where a Pakistani man could be seen performing the Janghia Challenge.

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