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Times of India journalist Piyush Rai has resorted to false propaganda to target the BJP by reporting that the 22-year old Meerut Law College student, Umam Khanam, was suspended after she refused to wear a BJP cap.
Mainstream media journalists have fallen to reporting on personal squabbles within families with a political slant to peddle agenda
After Politics and Bollywood, Pakistani and Islamic propaganda now finds a space in narrative around Sports.
Times of India, in its report, had claimed that Ghalib Guru, son of terrorist Afzal Guru, is a 'proud Indian'.
Youth Congress mistakes a Times Group online to be BJP internal poll
Sisodia wasn't too happy with Kejriwal's picture used by TOI for a report.
Times of India not only came out with a horrible headline, but there were also other issues with the reportage as well
QNet, formerly known as QuestNet, GoldQuest and QI Limited, is a Hong Kong-based multi-level marketing (MLM) company founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and owned by the QI Group
The Kochi edition of the Times Group newspaper, Times of India, published an article with effusive praise for the religion with the headline "Convert to Islam"
Amartya Sen's interview to Times of India had several lies and loopholes that, interestingly, the interviewer never seemed to counter.
Utter joy, as Faye D’ Souza, must have seen, at the “stupidity” of Hindus who stand fighting for their right to worship as they please at Sabarimala
After the brouhaha, TOI quietly altered the article and issued a clarification in the print edition the next day.
A selfie is not proof an interview took place, Mitchell Johnson said while refuting claims by TOI
This interview of Vivek Agnihotri on Urban Naxals was censored by Times of India because it didn't fit their 'policies'
During the run-up to Gujarat assembly elections last year, Trivedi was caught spreading morphed images with Amit Shah's fake quotes on Patidars
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has expressed disappointment at misrepresentation of facts by the leading dailies
There has been no official communication from the US regarding Republic Day celebration
Today's Chanakya has also clarified that they conducted no such survey on BJP's behalf.
Women have been coming out and sharing their harassment stories
sabir Ali is accused of killing a Muslim cleric in 2016, he allegedly hatched the elaborate plan to falsely implicate the key witnesses in that case
The headlines of the reports regarding the posters failed to reflect ABVP's clarification on the matter.
The central government has already mobilised all possible resources to help citizens in Kerala.
PTI too issued a clarification distancing itself from the misleading news
Imagine if every wild assertion of every Indian MP were quoted in the foreign press as "Indian official says ..."
This is not the first time Times of India has tried to show Hindu sadhus in a bad light
An attempt to whitewash the Congress President's failures?

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