Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Times of India

From Hinduphobic ‘gaumutra’ to Homophobic ‘gays of srk’: Meet the journalist who operates the Times of India Twitter handle

Samina Shaikh was caught handling the Times of India’s twitter account after same content was tweeted by TOI which was earlier shared from her own account

15 people test Coronavirus positive after attending a prayer meeting held by a family in their own building, TOI gives it a ‘Hindu temple’...

Times of India has been a repeat offender. Despite attracting furore on social media for its transgressions, TOI refuses to refrain

The curious case of Worli Koliwada containment zone being touted as a model worth emulating by the Uddhav Thackeray govt

Times of India claimed that IMCT "felt" that Worli Koliwada can be a perfect model for the rest of the country in containing the coronavirus outbreak.

5 Muslim men lied, spread fake news, TOI carried it: The truth about ‘Muslims organising last rites of Hindu man ostracised by neighbours

A report published in the Times of India claimed that five Muslim men organised last rites of Hindu man after the neighbours shunned his family

The rise and fall of Altaf Shaikh alias ‘brumbyoz’: Rabid anti-Hindu bigot promoted actively by ‘liberals’ on social media and friend to fake news...

After Hindus in the Middle-East were targeted by a section of Indian Muslims and their cohorts abroad, brumbyoz was claimed to have been doxxed himself by unknown individual(s).

Times of India ‘journalist’ Samiya Latief wishes PM Modi and HM Amit Shah get infected with coronavirus

On Wednesday, Samiya Latief - a Kashmiri 'journalist' working with Times of India, wished that Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah be tested positive for the deadly coronavirus

UP: TOI journalist fear-mongers, insinuates that disinfectant spray is ‘chemical solution’ to kill humans

Even as Wuhan Coronavirus poses a severe threat to the safety and security of the country, journalists continue to engage in fear mongering and fake news peddling to undermine the efforts being made by the central and state governments.

MD of Times of India group fuels panic amidst the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, falsely claims food supply will be affected amidst lockdown

Amidst the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, the mainstream media appears hellbent on fueling panic among the people of the country.

Bengaluru techie’s wife who was accused of spreading the coronavirus is yet to test positive: Here is their version of what happened

TOI reported that Bengaluru techie tested covid-19 positive on 7th, but result came on 12th, & wife had left on 8th from airport itself

From ‘protestor’ to ‘appears to be a gun’, read how media whitewashed gun-wielding Delhi rioter Mohammad Shahrukh

Many media houses watered down the gun-wielding anti-CAA rioter Mohammad Shahrukh who opened fire at Delhi Police on 24th February 2020.

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