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Virat Kohli calls out Times of India for publishing fake news about him building a cricket pitch in his new Alibaug farmhouse

Virat Kohli took to Instagram to slam the Times of India for publishing 'fake news' about his plans to build a cricket pitch inside his farmhouse in Alibaug

TOI gives a platform to paedophilia-accused British Journalist Hasan Suroor, who claims India should financially help Pakistan forgetting all acts of hostility

Suroor wants the Modi government to build an ‘enduring legacy’ by offering help to a ‘neighbor in extreme distress by prioritizing compassion over political differences.’

Times of India publishes fake news claiming pneumococcal vaccine shortage: Here is what Kanchan Gupta, senior adviser to I&B Ministry said in response

Kanchan Gupta slams Times of India for its false and malicious report on the availability of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCV) in India

The Times of India is yet to change the distorted map of India even after 24 hours of publication

The English daily did not apologise for its actions or issue any clarification.

Amidst fears of World War 3, the Times of India is concerned about the Indian film industry losing shooting destinations

Times of India (TOI) worries about how Indian filmmakers would not be able to shoot in Ukraine anytime soon

Hindu man, threatened with bogus charges, demonised by media for resisting religious conversions to Christianity: Read how

A Hindu man was characterised as villain by mainstream media outlets for opposing conversion attempts by Christian missionaries

TOI gives a ‘secular’ spin to tragedy where student ends life after missionary school in TN pressurised her to convert to Christianity

In order to give the tragedy a 'secular' spin, TOI has completely overlooked the religious conversion angle in both the headline and its report

From Times of Islamabad to The Hindu: 5 media outlets which ’knew about the Balakot airstrike before it happened’ according to ‘liberal’ logic

The Mumbai Police leaked the private WhatsApp chats of Arnab Goswami on the internet in order to embarrass the Republic TV Editor.

15 people test Coronavirus positive after attending a prayer meeting held by a family in their own building, TOI gives it a ‘Hindu temple’...

Times of India has been a repeat offender. Despite attracting furore on social media for its transgressions, TOI refuses to refrain

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor shares a photoshopped image of TOI headline to undermine Modi-Xi meet

Shashi Tharoor shared a fake image of a Times of India (TOI) article that was headline, "Modi, Xi will mate 6 times in 24 hours".

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