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Delhi Court gives sermons to Hindus while granting bail to Zubair, after SC judges had blamed Nupur Sharma for beheading of Kanhaiya Lal

Granting bail to Zubair, Delhi's Patiala House court said that Hindus must be tolerant as Hinduism is most tolerant religion

‘Tolerance is the hallmark of Hinduism’: Says Madras HC in its order over chanting rituals at a Tamil Nadu temple

The Madras High Court bench led by Justice SM Subramaniam heard a petition to decide a dispute between two Hindu sects over chanting prayers at the Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple in Tamil Nadu.

‘Hindus must show tolerance’: Madras High Court tells petitioner objecting to loudspeaker in Church near his house

"One of the basic tenants to be followed by every Hindu is tolerance," the Madras High Court ruled.

From being bigoted, kids are ‘hope of secularism’. The Wire’s Rohini Singh explains how

The Wire journalist Rohini Singh on Wednesday took to Twitter to share an image wherein she claimed that her child drew a mosque and a temple side by side and wrote an essay on tolerance.

Don’t mistake Hindu tolerance for weakness: BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis warns Waris Pathan

Devendra Fadnavis told Warin Pathan not to mistake tolerance of Hindu community as a weakness

Karnataka: Inspired by Basavanna’s teachings, Muslim man joins Lingayat Matha, to be anointed as head

33-year-old Diwan Sharief Rahimansab Mulla is all set to be anointed as the head of the Murugharajendra Koraneshwara Shantidhama Matha in Asuti village on February 26.

How long can we tolerate the intolerant

Beyond a limit, a society cannot afford to tolerate the intolerant. Have we reached that limit?

Congress files complaint against makers of show ‘Sacred Games’ for depicting Rajiv Gandhi in ‘poor light’

The Congress party does not entertain any constructive criticism against the first family of the party.

Pranab Mukherjee and ‘constitutional patriots’ should understand that tolerance is not a one way road

Pranab Mukherjee's idea of Constitutional Patriotism is good, but, we need to fix some contradictions if that idea has to sustain

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