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Umesh Pal was betrayed by his ‘childhood friend’ Mohammad Sajar, informed Atiq Ahmed’s gang about Pal’s location

Mohammad Sajar lived in the same area as Umesh Pal. Both of them used to drive autorickshaw in the past, and they would meet almost everyday.

China should take half of Leh, Ladakh UT will be broken into 1000 pieces: Congress leader in Kargil arrested after his ‘private talk’ goes...

Congress leader Zakir Hussain glorifies the Chinese Army saying that China would break Ladakh into 1000 pieces and they should have half of Leh.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un might have faked his death to identify traitors in inner circle: Report

On May 1, Kim Jong Un made his first public appearance since April 11 when he was seen inaugurating a company on Labour Day

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